Monday, November 16, 2020

[This poet is having a chest attack]

  • The most Democrat moment in Star Trek Next Generation (I invite you to give me yours)  *Starship Mine* when Picard knocks out bad guys because Starfleet officers don't kill people and leaves them to die in the barian sweep
  • Long howl
  • Winter woods are prettiest, November light is best

  • Forgive me, I accidentally deleted a blogroll, the one between Fleabus and Doctor Sevrin, whose ears I have, if you were in that blogroll please email me, if there's a blog or site you regularly read and remember please email me. Please
  • I won this fuck up with blaeaeaeager 50.1% - 49.9%, fuck blaeaeaeager
  • Fuck too the movie Windows 10 Versus Jeff's Dell XPS, it sucks
  • 2020 November 15
  • Was trying to move someone slumbering to a mortuary, one of the two slumbering who woke to the top deleted the post that floated him, if you rise from the dead but don't want me to mention it please email me even though....
  • blaaaaagers blogrolling is broken, nothing can be added, the fuck?
  • UPDATE: blaaaager forum says: Hello,
    the problem with several widgets (page list, blog list, attribution) is known and has been reported to Blogger. Now we have to wait for the fix.
  • if any of you can test on yours and let me know I'd appreciate it


  • I haven't even told you what I was going to tell you when this post started
  • On crackers with covid
  • Reminder: Saturday's March of Crackers was about cracker grievances their rights to cracker being infringed
  • The Fettermans: The lieutenant governor is adept at baiting boneheaded politicians online, but the Fettermans also have a long history of delivering material results for the Keystone State. Their work resurrecting the old steel town of Braddock — where Fetterman moved to start a GED program and ended up serving as mayor for more than a decade — has provided a blueprint for how to revitalize the Rust Belt’s forgotten burghs. Fetterman enjoyed a “privileged” upbringing in York, Pennsylvania, and planned to take over his father’s insurance business, but the unexpected death of a childhood friend shocked him awake to life’s unpredictable nature. He became involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and decided to dedicate his life to public service. Years later, the Harvard-educated, six-foot-eight heavily tattooed politician still seems to feel more at home at the steelworkers union hall that sits across the street from the converted auto dealership the Fettermans call home than in a government building, but there are already whispers about him running for higher office in 2022.
  • It's not "feminism," it's imperialism in pumps: This word “moderate” which the AP news agency keeps bleating is of course complete nonsense. Standing in the middle ground between two corporatist warmongering parties does not make you a moderate, it makes you a corporatist warmonger. Flournoy is no more “moderate” than the “moderate rebels” in Syria which mass media outlets like AP praised for years until it became undeniable that they were largely Al Qaeda affiliates; the only reason such a position can be portrayed as mainstream and moderate is because vast fortunes have been poured into making it that way.
  • Tale of Two Pandemics
  • Why do we see dead people 
  • Maggie's weekly links
  • { feuilleton }'s weekly links
  • UPDATE: 2020 November 16

[This poet is having a chest attack]

Clark Coolidge

This poet is having a chest attack
that poet's bones are elsewhere
this poet is a fountain of postage
that poet sees apes throws rocks
poems coming out in bundles
poems carved on slabs
poems burned into the countryside
poems free in cereal boxes
the Lone Ranger poem ring sent for
poems preserved in amber
poems on deed and treaties
poems breathed in with the air
poems charged with crimes
poems with deadly rhymes
poems that make you deaf and blind
poems in the sea on the wind between the stars
poems tacked up in bars
                             their only publication