Saturday, December 19, 2020

Its Grid of Holes Insatiably Hungry

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Fuck you: a disquisitionI've also come to a temporary peace with myself re this blog and what the fuck as in do it here or don't do it at allShitlordsYes, screaming at the clusterfuck triples pings over clusterfucklessness I scream at clusterfuck because I want toCrackers
I hate copsFlags of the Union of Socialist Council Republics of AmericaI have not successfully negotiated w myself the terms of my clusterfucklessness and still want to spit our clusterfuck's overlordsAmerican Exceptionalism!IHMD
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Simon the GoodBleggalgaze: thank you
More than imaginary
friends less than burdens
If you said you would come with meme or about me
to me Bleggalgaze: orb pinged
to ring my doorbell
I was reminded of Magazine, so this weekend's trip to my CD crates



Tom Sleigh

A little village in Texas has lost its idiot.
-Caption on a protest sign
Let us deal justly.
-Edgar, disguised as Poor Tom, from Shakespeare's King Lear; act 3, scene 6

But where, oh where is the holy idiot,
truth teller and soothsayer, familiar

of spirits, rat eater, unhouseled wanderer
whose garble and babble fill rich and poor,

homeless and housed, with awe and fear?
Is he hiding in the pit of the walkie-talkie,

its grid of holes insatiably hungry,
almost like a baby, sucking in the police sergeant's

quiet voice as he calls in reinforcements?
Oh holy idiot, is that you sniffing the wind

for the warm turd smell on the mounted policemen
backing their horses' quivering, skittish

haunches into the demonstrators' faces?
Oh little village among the villages,

the wild man, the holy Bedlamite is gone,
and nobody, now, knows where to find him...

Lying in mud? lying caked in mud, hair elfed into knots?
Some poor mad Tom roving the heath

for a warm soft place to lie his body down,
his speech obsessed with oaths, demons,

his tongue calling forth the Foul Fiend, Flibbertigibbet
as the horses back slowly, slowly into the crowd

and he eats filth, he crams his ravenous mouth with filth—
and then he sits on his stool in the trampled hay

and deep-rutted mud, he anoints himself
with ashes and clay, he puts on his crown

of fumiter weed and holds his scepter
of a smouldering poker and calls the court to order.


  1. 1)some of sleigh's poem reminds me of a couple of lines from todd rundgren's 'fascist christ'

    Jesus and money make a man speak in tongues
    Scream out his lungs, roll in the dung
    And when the song is sung, he moves up another rung
    And the deaf and the dumb are the ones who get stung

    here's todd's video of it

    someone thinks this live performance is the most powerful iteration

    2)the grid is interesting this time - repetition will diminish its novelty, of course, but no doubt it will get easier the more often you do it - life is a journey of learning, growth, and change, among other things

    3)[photos of certain topics - landscapes, companion animals - are always welcome from this viewer's perspective - their absence today is noted although 'regretted' is too strong a word]

    3a)[i send thoughts and prayers to the creative forces of the universe for your animal companions and their human companions]

    4)krishna's remark about people also applies to cops - they have both divine and demonic tendencies

    decades ago there was a saying 'your local police are armed and dangerous'

    5)this is interesting to me - the new mexico congressperson who may become the first member of an indian tribe to be part of the president's cabinet - dept of interior, no less - while she grew up in her mother's pueblo homeland, she is of half-norwegian descent, which is where she got her surname

    6)one of your links refers to 'queer ambient music' - when i listen to tchaikovski, am i listening to 'queer symphonic music'?

    7)there is a story - a seeker asks their spiritual director - if there are so many unknown saints working in the world today, why is humankind so cast down? - the reply without their labour, humankind would not be so cast down - rather, we would already be extinct

    8)happy holidays - may your days be merry and bright, and may all your seasonal celebrations be multiculturally aware - as has been said, we have the ability to intend to manifest tolerance for those with different struggles and freedom to live beyond the limitations of our past ways

  2. I was going to comment in the voice of a despised Star Wars character, hated and reviled even more than any of the baddest bad guys, but will not. All Power To The Great Grid!

  3. Once again mcphd's additions include nuanced perspective in multiple paragraphs. I am reminded of something that I'll place here for future use, which is one side of a dialog I am planning. The speaker, in appreciation toward the collective of their Gegenüber: "Why, maybe as many as seven out of ten of you aren't even fascists at all." I'm still negotiating the percentage.

    1. EMCEE: "But, if you could see her / through my eyee-ss -- / She wouldn't look like / a Fascist / at all"
      (Apologies to Kander and Ebb's "Cabaret", 1966)

    2. Struck down blind mouse dumb—
      dare I comment so stricken?
      haiku just might do