Monday, December 21, 2020

You Had Been Swinging Restlessly Between the Appearance of Spontaneity and the Appearance of Serious Thought

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Napoleon has his cat-ticker doctor appt Jan 19, I caught *him* today mercilessly harassing a new nextdoor kittenSacred Mountains speakWhy not more Stereolab here?Dear RaTherefore, grid me, this project, and especially other projects, as Charley says, the novelty will wear off for you before it wears off for me, though bleggalgazing about it already is, so that will stop if I can help it




Rae Armantrout


You had been swinging restlessly
between the appearance of spontaneity
and the appearance of serious thought.

You had been changing lanes
after a glance
in a mirror honest about
its tendency to distort.

What choice did you have?

It was soothing to watch
wisps of smoke
from a nearby chimney
one by one.


Do you like pulses,

ridges, ripples
stretching into obscurity?

Would you prefer a flicker
to a steady light source?

This one stutters


as if it could hold something
in reserve


  1. 1)grid line 7 column d here is Dear Ra - the epistolary novel by johannes goransson

    2)a study guide for that book is available at

    3)among the possible assignments listed in the study guide

    What's your favorite painter? What's your favorite drink? What's your favorite body part? Write poems about them. Write poems that are them. Write poems to them. Write poems that use them as props.

    4)there is a 2016 'revised, expanded' edition of this book - however, although it is half an inch taller than the first edition from 2008, it is also ten pages shorter

    when we do the arithmetic

    5)ra reminds me of the egyptian god of the sun - and this grid was published on the date of the winter solstice - the 20th century band utopia (roger powell, todd rundgren, kasim sulton, willie wilcox) had an album titled named for the sun god released in 1977

    it began with "Overture: Mountaintop and Sunrise" composed by Bernard Herrmann for the film Journey to the Center of the Earth

    without a break this continued into Communion with the Sun

    Ra, climbing the horizon
    Rising up the mountain, lighting up the valley below
    Ra, giver without measure
    Beacon of compassion, shining through the spectrum of life
    Day is born, night is gone
    One in all, all is one
    Communion with the sun

    the last song on the side is Sunburst Finish - the name is sort of a pun, as it could refer to a particular style of guitar decoration

    Eye of the sphinx now winks at you
    What is he thinking? Wish that I knew
    Wonder of wisdom
    Far beyond this mortal comedy