Friday, December 11, 2020

Polite, Loutish, Assured, Suave, Breathing Through Its Mouth

  1. Shitlords, yo
  2. Reminder: they will deputize crackers before not buying that eighth yacht, I spare us both the full length yodel from now till resource wars
  3. Limbaugh quote on twiiter, America trending towards secession
  4. Tile on carousel of work website highlights recent retirees who took the please get out offer
  5. Augusta seems dead
  6. In-house propagandist, whether by direction or natural deference to power, listed the retirees not by last name but top to bottom of hierarchy
  7. Mississippi will miss my money more than I will miss Mississippi, but not as much as any Mississipian who ate or slept any etc better because of my money will miss my money
  8. I will sincerely miss three of the five until I never think about them again until out of nowhere years from now, the minute you walk out you never worked there
  9. Frederick County now blue, Frederick city was to be state capitol of Augusta
  10. Hagerstown lost it's affiliation with the Nationals (and Frederick lost it's affiliation with Orioles) (fucking shitlords), will this affect its contest with Cumberland to be Augusta's capitol now, and when Frederick County enforces Socialist blockades how will Augustan military transports between Carroll and Washington counties pass through the gulag checkpoints in and out of COMMUNIST! Frederick County?
  11. I never and still don't like the name Jeff but being the only Jeff means when Kind words about me hit a poobah's ears he/she/they know which Jeff
  12. I gnod at but won't yodel how slow any universe's gigakazillionth of a second, I'm taking Fleabus in for a check-up tomorrow, nothing but that and dread




Thomas Lux

like a downhill brakes-burned freight train
full of pig iron ingots, full of lead
life-size statues of Richard Nixon,
like an avalanche of smoke and black fog
lashed by bent pins, the broken-off tips
of switchblade knives, the dust of dried offal,
remorseless, it comes, faster when you turn your back,
faster when you turn to face it,
like a fine rain, then colder showers,
then downpour to razor sleet, then egg-size hail,
fist-size, then jagged
laser, shrapnel hail
thudding and tearing like footsteps
of drunk gods or fathers; it comes
polite, loutish, assured, suave,
breathing through its mouth
(which is a hole eaten by a cave),
it comes like an elephant annoyed,
like a black mamba terrified, it slides
down the valley, grease on grease,
like fire eating birds’ nests,
like fire melting the fuzz
off a baby’s skull, still it comes: mute
and gorging, never
to cease, insatiable, gorging
and mute.


  1. Carroll will be ours, and we'll have to take the back way in to the real Washington Monument to get a good view of the last Battle of South Mountain.

    1. I dunno, other than Cecil there's no more cracker county - including that shithouse of an Eastern Shore and the horror of Waldorfian south of PG - than Carroll.