Sunday, December 13, 2020

I Would Rather Concentrate on the Rapidity of Your Ideograms

I couldn't get Fleabus in the cat-carrier continuing a seventeen year old tradition, one of the reasons we chose our vet who pre-plague would come to the house and see all the cats in one visit, so I took Rosie instead who is healthy but fat like each of us, NO MORE KIBBLE! said the vet who rages against dryfood and always has, I've driven Napoleon and Olive and Rosie to vet the last three weekends, made an appointment for next Saturday for cat-to-be-named-later, either Fleabus or more likely Stanley, who has never figured out me or me him, he looks good in a box


Plague capitalism / Shitlords, yo / Shitlord censorship, part one / Shitlord censorship, part two / Shitlords, yo / Rage Kapital / Shitlords, yo / Ressentiment / We were on Browning Run Trail yesterday just before it begins gentle descent off Putnam Trail and an old (as in my age) man trail-running huffs up the trail, coughing, spraying, maskless, I said, behind my mask, please wear a mask, not PLEASE wear a mask, not wear a mask, asshole, and asshole he was, my first in-person cracker mask meltdown, we kept on walking, Fuck you fuck you fuck you he kept on shouting / Motherfucking Democrats / America's Australian coups / The European Coup (sorry, paywalled, I can scan a pdf for you (not today) if you ask nice / Earthgirl before the hike (while I was at the vet with Rosie) had her Saturday morning conversation with our cracker family friend who was particularly cracker, we were talking about it when cracker trail-runner came spraying his cracker aerosol drops on us, perhaps I *did* say it PLEASE! wear a mask though I did not call him an asshole at first / Coincidence / Maggie's weekly links / Velleity / Chrome is bad / Brave? Anyone? / I am telling you three times there is still profit extractable from angry white people / The elephant in the room /{ feuilleton }'s weekly links / New Rachel Kushner story / Brave with Tor, any bot that wants to spy on me will spy on me no matter what tiny middle finger I wave at it / The reality of color / Tom Verlaine is seventy-one today


Dean Young

"They won't attack us here in the Indian graveyard."
I love that moment. And I love the moment
when I climb into your warm you-smelling
bed-dent after you've risen. And sunflowers,
once a whole field and I almost crashed,
the next year all pumpkins! Crop rotation,
I love you. Dividing words between syl-
lables! Dachshunds! What am I but the inter-
section of these loves? I spend 35 dollars on a CD
of some guy with 15 different guitars in his shack
with lots of tape delays and loops, a good buy!
Mexican animal crackers! But only to be identified
by what you love is a malformation just as
embryonic chickens grow very strange in zero
gravity. I hate those experiments on animals,
varnished bats, blinded rabbits, cows
with windows in their flanks but obviously
I'm fascinated. Perhaps it was my early exposure
to Frankenstein. I love Frankenstein! Arrgh,
he replies to everything, fire particularly
sets him off, something the villagers quickly
pick up. Fucking villagers. All their shouting's
making conversation impossible and now
there's grit in my lettuce which I hate
but kinda like in clams as one bespeaks
poor hygiene and the other the sea.
I hate what we're doing to the sea,
dragging huge chains across the bottom,
bleaching reefs. Either you're a rubber/
gasoline salesman or like me, you'd like
to duct tape the vice president's mouth
to the exhaust pipe of an SUV and I hate
feeling like that. I would rather concentrate
on the rapidity of your ideograms, how
only a biochemical or two keeps me
from becoming the world's biggest lightning bug.


  1. that's a good looking photo of a cat in a box - the previous photo of a toothy cat was also good looking - there's a documentary about monetizing cat blogging that i watched much of, but did not complete - similarly it seems the article 'the european coup' which was apparently not paywalled for me because it was the first time i'd been to that site in a while lost my attention - tl, dnr in full - there was a time when i would've read the whole thing - my bachelor's thesis was a comparison of cuba vs yugoslavia - full from a spirit of youthful idealism i called it 'two paths to communism' and i was almost half-serious

    the angry cracker encounter you had on the trail is one of many examples of how a lot of people - not just crackers - are close to the edge - don't push them - a noncracker of my acquaintance - a man who spent time in iranian prison because he was involved with people that the theocracy there didn't like, now a resident of southern california for several decades - exploded on email because one of our small group of undergraduate alumni posted a link to the following satirical relyricising of a scene from the sound of music

    "too sunny, implies a beautiful new day" was the gist of his condemnation

  2. It is possible to read The Anderson LRB article ('The European Coup') despite the paywall popup: it's one more current bit of writing (describing Middelaar's academic path is what done it) that makes me think about differences between most college / university educations in the former United States, and higher education in Europe.

    Back in the 70's, I heard it said that 'America teaches for Work; Europe teaches to Reason,' but old traditions bend in the face of mighty Capital; children grow and dream of being the next Jack Ma, or Sheryl Kara or Jeffy Bezos.

  3. Here ya' go.

    1. One of my to-dos in 2021, including the search for a replacement to the shitty free blogger engine.

    2. I already duck-duck-go for searches, and I'm happy enough with Firefox, I do want to de-google but (a) this blog and my complicity (b) all work email and drives are google and my complicity (c) futile gestures and my complicity (d) I have all faith that if anyone wanted to get into something I was hiding behind they could and would and my complicity

  4. Complicity is our shadow twin and the unacknowledged unanticipated exploitation by, you know -- Them. Serious not a joke, also.