Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Tear Apart My Shitty Orpheus Mask

I am stalled in three novels (Marcus' Flame Alphabet, Cusk's Outline, Delany's Dhalgren), there's a better chance I'll finish the first than the second and the second than the third, though I've abandoned totally abandoning any of the abandoned since I abandoned my rule that novels must be finished front to back or restarted at the beginning after being abandoned then picked up again.

I've been reading two poets, Joyelle McSweeney and Johannes Göransson, both wonderfully enraged at Life in the Clusterfuck (I'd been reading them, both with books in my backpack, for two to three months, imagine my surprise earlier this week to discover they are married). There is a link in the grid below complaining about lack of appropriate rage in poetry addressing the clusterfuck (the plague in particular), you want rage-infused rage-rabid poetry at the clusterfuck? ask nice, if I like you I'll send you some.

Currently I feel clusterfucklessness when reading a novel and clusterfuckful when reading poetry even though Dhalgren is clusterfuckful and Flame Alphabet (whose central theme I normally adore) *very* clusterfuckful, hence the grid is not going away, it helps organize my clusterfuckfulness which I never abandon though sometimes pretend to, my clusterfucklessness' tiny imperatives briefly indulged then quickly abandoned, it's clusterfuckful of me I can just pick it up where I dropped it last when I pick it up at all

New Anne Boyer<<So it is that to declare a whole year shit — as many of us have done in 2020 — is kin to an act of enlightenment, for to declare the year shit is for humans to declare it, with pure candor, the logical consequence of ourselves. Europe's Machiavellian Moment<<"What is so significant about the U.S. election; what is so significant about the last four topsy-turvy years in Washington, has been the casting aside of all illusion of democracy, and the blunt demonstration that real power is exercised by a clique of billionaires."CULT
It is 19:45 EST December 22 2020 as I type this, I just saw a youtube of Trump's last great kayfabe breakIHMDhe calls out the shitlords' shopping list for both parties', both chambers'The whitewashing has begun, and with Democrats' full cooperation will work^^ Our old family friend insists simultaneously that Democrats are too incompetent to govern and manage a budget but are sophisticated enough to seamlessly steal an election while seamlessly managing a fake plague
Orthodoxy of the Elite: on ClusterfucktopiaTrump's absolutely correct, billionaires want you to die while your death enriches themFour Seasons Total Landscaping"In many ways, the open nature of status-climbing efforts on social media has taken away some of that freedom and reconfigured it, and how to recognize its distorting effects is worth thinking about. ">>Maybe freedom is having no followers
Obama killed Bernie for lessAmerican Death Squads killing Afghan ChildrenI understand Trump's motives are impure, they are $1400 more impure than motherfucking DemocratsKeep screaming<<"There is no part of the US political system which is anything other than innately oppositional to economic justice. There is no part of the US judicial system which would ever act to reverse widespread establishment electoral fraud."
Anti-Vaxxers think this is their momentAlso too >>>>^^^^ IHMD<<<<Liberal suicide and the rise of fascismDecriminalized unauthorized use of Smokey the Bear!
Jimmy Dore, AOC, and Medicare-for-All Strategy<<< Ultimately, most progressive Democrats conclude that a hard conflict is too dangerous to them politically. Gradually, they trade their progressive credentials in for opportunities within the party. The more they trade their credibility in, the less of it they have, and the more
dependent they become on the party establishment for political survival.
Slowly but surely, the outsiders become the insiders. What appeared to
be an ideological struggle between two wings of the party deforms into a
generational struggle between the old guard and its younger
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[The rabble wants to tear apart] from *Summer*

Johannes Göransson

The rabble wants to tear apart
my shitty orpheus mask
because I hate more purely
than they do when I write Poetry
for the Masses I make a million
dollars I pay it to know what
is happening to my mouth
it's not good what is happening
to my mouth is not good the seeds
taste like levothyroixine
they are pomegranate seeds
the rabble tells me what is
happening to my body
it's skulden sommaren är min
men skulden är din för du läser
I want this poem to be anti
matter but it is more beautiful
under matter under ground under
the poisoned trees the pills
are lavender and shaped
like tears I am watching the lilacs
do their thing to my matter
I'm a child of film I melt it
and play it while I sing
a song about a million dollars
to pay my debt I perfect my crime
the pills taste like liquorice
the sun tastes terrible in
the butterfly pavillion I hate
the sun and want to kill it
with klangdikten dessa klangdikter
are kill poems for my daughter
they are love poems for my
daughter my deader I need to pay
my debts for the brave new
world where I can betray you