Monday, March 8, 2021

A Shawl of Woolly Dog (Now Extinct)

  • This a year ago today we were in Michigan with our daughter and good guy husband, I haven't hugged my daughter since a year ago tomorrow
  • Saturday references in post can be found here
  • Got my second plague shot Sunday morning at Six Flags, via serendipity Saturday I could type out in a long and comma-less sentence like my drives around rural moco but won't, we hiked Prince George's County's Patuxent River Park, Jug Bay section, ten miles from where I got plague shot

  • I did not know when I took the photo only another twenty yards of marsh I can't see yet, my singular first moment of broken kayfabe = My kind parents booked me on a local Pittsburgh kids television show, I couldn't have been more than four, the show wheel of fortune a bridge to kids cross and get unimaginable presents at show's end, cheap plastic fireman's helmet, door, get out
  • I orphan this post, I'm sideways three projects, some of each here, I can abandon what I want timestamped but don't want to cud any longer
  • Re: yesterday (see link above) - Park splotches blotches not blazes, here's GREEN, again, not me

I noticed it immediately, I. Did. Not. Even. Snort. which someone was listening for, noticing it too
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Though you get The Verve today, I had cause to think of them


Cedar Sigo

How to fall asleep easily on the beach, to dig clams, to dream a net made of nettles, a medicine of marsh tea boiled out to the open air, a memory of cedar bark coiled, resting for months in cold water to be fashioned into our so-called lifestyle, clothes for ceremony as well as our dailiness, canoe bailers, diapers, we used the wood for our half-mile longhouse and totems, dried fish, a hard smoke, wooden oval plates that hooked together filled with clear oil of salmon, to wet our palates and smooth our bodies. A shawl of woolly dog (now extinct) they were bred on tiny islands we can still identify, Tatoosh Island off of Cape Flattery, where there were whaling tribes too, the Makah, one of whose villages collapsed, preserved in silt (later unearthed) and how else? Which other ceremonies or necessary edges of objects? Our ivory needles, otter pelts, mat creasers, our dances. What else do you remember dreaming of? A kind of rake to skim the waves, to catch tiny fish on rows of twisted nails.


  1. Dearth of a link in the death of the death.

    1. Fixed, thanks, hadn't done that in awhile (or more likely have but not been caught)

    2. Not so likely. If I don't catch it, mistah charley would.