Wednesday, March 10, 2021

say being dead but kittenish?

Ozzi, our neighbor to the right's kitten, has adopted us, we open any door and in she sprints. Fleabus unhappy, responding to us with furious attacks of love meows and cuddles, Rosie gives no fuck, Stanley - I need to write about Stanley, first to myself, don't worry - Stanley is curious, purring and singing and trilling - I need to make a video of Stanley's purr and song and trill, and Olive is

Momcat o fuck but chill, Napoleon o fuck but chill, Frankie - the most inside baseball joke this shitty bleg can do - Frankie, who we think drove away his and Nap's sister Greycat - I don't think I ever wrote about Greycat, I know I've mentioned Frankie for the inside baseball joke but I have never written about Frankie in any tablet ever - Frankie is an asshole, I think if his brother Nap dies before their mother (an increasingly apparent possibility) Frankie will drive off Momcat, he's doing recon on Ozzi from the azalea bushes, he might be old man smart enough to know his most vicious attack Ozzi will see as playing and kick Frankie's ass thinking it play

Artificial friends, cats. Not done with Ishiguro's Klara and the Sun and I will need reread it again and soon but the obviously uncanny is that of people I love in my life I've seen three in the past year in person and here I am typing at you who live miles from me and have no more desire to meet me in real life than I do you, and I true unconsciously true self-consciously synch with favorite makers and Ishiguro always tapped that Mwah on the my  widget until *Buried Giant* and I thought my Ishiguro widget dead, and if *Klara* is mwah > Mwah at least I know that I'm not dead

LotS! of deleted and (omni)present bleggalgaze (fills tablets that have no mention of Stanley or Frankie), reminded I dig Arab Strap

American History: Haiti and the Clinton Syndicate<<< "During his campaign against Hillary Clinton and in his ongoing use of Hillary Clinton as a rhetorical punching bag, Donald Trump and his minions have often cited many of the things you will read below. This does not mean they aren’t true. They certainly are. True stories that can be verified, after all, are ideal weapons for an opponent. It is important for readers to take this distinction into account. The feud between Clinton and Trump is not a cosmic battle between good and evil, but a falling out among thieves."
Nothing is any longer the opposite of anything<<< "Poverty and healthcare assume the appearance of individual responsibility, the state assumes the appearance of an obstruction to open market circulation flows, the commodity assumes the appearance of base survival, a satiated proletariat assumes the appearance of a good credit score, a redistribution of wealth assumes the appearance of socialism, a megalomaniac assumes the appearance of fascism, culture assumes the appearance of a mechanism of empowerment, the struggle against racism assumes the appearance of democratic leaders taking the knee in kente cloth, a healthy economy assumes the appearance of a healthy population, ad nauseum."
Death in the age of FacebookThe age of social murder
Take itPlague fatigueThat's not how fascism worksCapitalism as religion and the myth of capitalist nature
The fluctuating truth of documentary images
Forget LeftismDigital colonialismTheater of dissentHell
Bill Callahan and Bonnie Prince Billy and Sir Richard Dawson cover John Prine
Joy WilliamsJane WeaverSteve AlbiniBleggalgaze: malaise and despondancy rampant everywhere I don't know how much credit *I* can take for diminishing pings, I'd like to think it the grid and new fuck it policies, but noArab Strap
^^^ Old Arab StrapNew Arab StrapOld Arab Strap vvv





Rae Armantrout

What if the ability
to capture
emblems in the wild
won’t validate us?

What if displaying
our embarrassing flaws
won’t save us — 

say being dead
but kittenish?

I can’t show you anything
new, not even

an empty room
behind a velvet rope.

Least of all that!

There’s a Lexus
spinning in a parking lot

because a mountain road is
“so cliché.”

It’s throwing up dust, then more,
but you know the car’s

still in there

still voguing


  1. Holyfuck, was I really today years old when I got the Frankie joke? Jeebus. I had no idea I've been Karen's mother for that long.

    1. We think the family's still there but aren't sure. I know Andyray Ardyhay still Rolling

  2. speaking of the lexus, as armantrout does - my intended next car if any has a very good score from consumer reports - it is a compact suv from m*zd* - i want to get it in red

    the mountain road i may take it on is 20 km from the highest peak in my ancestral province - that peak is 535 m - of all the c*n*d**n provinces and territories only the nearest and smallest neighbouring province has a lower peak than that

    spouse and self may buy that car in the ancestral province

    if my inherited claim to citizenship to the land of half of my recent ancestors is approved

    and if - before we move if we move - a car purchase is not triggered here by a decline in current car fitness, or spouse being required to commute to an office in the district

    if said car is bought it might be our last car and even more probably it might be our last fossil fuel car - the last one is a kind of object permanence, one could say - the opposite of a new vogue

    speaking of vogueness, and also of cuteness, i came across a bbc news pidgin report about

    K-pop: How Korean culture [Kpop/Kdrama] don dey influence Nigerians

    this article came up as i searched for the source for your paragraph quoted from verso books blog about nothing is any longer the opposite of anything - as verso has apparently deleted it you seem to have the only instantation of these comments on the internet

    it brings to mind something i saw yesterday - the throne speech in my ancestral province, given by the leftenant governor [a retired judge raised to the role of representative of the monarch] on the occasion of the provincial legislature's assembly with a new premier, began with an acknowledgment that the province is the ancestral home of the indigenous inhabitants, who were there before not only my own ancestors, but also before the arrival of the european settlers whom my own ancestors replaced after the forcible deportation of those earliest europeans - in their language le Grand Dérangement

    the past is never dead - it's not even past - faulkner

    1. verso has restored the page i could not find yesterday - from there i went to our friends at wikipedia's explanation of a movement guy debord [1931-94] contributed to, the situationist international

      The situationists believed that the shift from individual expression through directly lived experiences, or the first-hand fulfillment of authentic desires, to individual expression by proxy through the exchange or consumption of commodities, or passive second-hand alienation, inflicted significant and far-reaching damage to the quality of human life for both individuals and society. Another important concept of situationist theory was the primary means of counteracting the spectacle; the construction of situations, moments of life deliberately constructed for the purpose of reawakening and pursuing authentic desires, experiencing the feeling of life and adventure, and the liberation of everyday life.

      this reminds me of something gurdjieff said, when asked what the difference was between ordinary waking consciousness and the greater awareness that was the aim of his teachings and methods -

      everything more vivid