Friday, March 19, 2021

Keeping an Obstinate Intransigence


When national company runs a Pick a Perfect Bracket Win Ten Million Bucks how much does the company pay the insurance company to guarantee that loss? Genuine question.
I wear a tracking device on my left wrist that communicates my fat ass's data to everybody on Earth who'd give a dangerous shit and prompts a communication to me from result of algorithm to assure me my self-incriminating buddy looks after me
I considered wearing the self-incriminating buddy on my right wrist and on my left wrist the best wristwatch I've ever owned, runs on sunlight just like Klara, buy a new nylon strap and wear until and past the next new nylon strap, Nope, says dope to that lame compromise, and the watch will work but will never trust said dope again anyway
My fucking iPhone in my right-handed right pocket more valuable than my wallet, my keys hang by carbiner guarding my iPhone in my right-handed right pocket, it tracks me better than fitbit not yet fully google borged (but soon!), duplicative functions, I'd need adjust to apple tracking to fitbit and could wear that watch that will never trust me again, apple's mile .26 miles shorter than fitbit's and for every 10000 fitbit steps iPhone says 7700 which isn't the problem it's the zertz, alarms and notifications, I want to be gently electrocuted awake and need be zertzed when certain people zertz me.
My watch laughed at me last week when I moved it from desk drawer to windowsill and after an hour it stretched its arms

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Civil Warning<< Are we living through another antebellum era?NO NONO NOI don't Triskelion no moreEnd up saying same shit as before

This week on campus I've talked to four tenured faculty, two of whom I occasionally (before the plague) coffee and/or pint, who've said some version of Thank God for Saint Biden, and dammit, they put that stupidass Ringo Starr song in my head
I've friends and family who tell me when I Hate Motherfucking Democrats in general and say Biden is a war-mongering corporate whore personally responsible for the massive student debt crisis and mass incarceration of African-American males and they're like, So? Better than Trump
I like Henri Cole's poetry and think Donald Trump Jr a shitstain amongst shitsmears, imagine beatifying John Kerry (who I canvassed for in Harrisburg in 2004, the dumbfuck I was), charged with fixing the Climate by Biden, Kerry, John Kerry, whose son is a million dollar a year lobbyist for Fossil Fuel Inc
I have yodeled three times 534,987 times decorum splatter policy fart, today makes 534,988, Sunday is the Holiest Day in BLCKDGRD, I'm gonna try and make it until April before 534,989, over/under noon this coming Monday

Forty Riffs on Moby Dick
Ishiguro interview<<< "Klara was especially interesting for me because she doesn't bring any baggage with her. ... She's like a tabula rasa at the beginning, and she's quite childlike and very open. ... That appealed to me. I wanted some of that childlike freshness and openness and naivety to survive all the way through the text in her. I wanted her to remain a very optimistic character who has a childlike faith in the presence of something good and protective in the world — even as she learns all these other things, darker things about the human world that she occupies."Klara never says "you" when talking to someone, Klara says as answer to a question from Rick, "Josie knows Rick means well," never "Josie knows *you* mean well"
Nyodene D catalog at Bandcamp, save yourself
Emperor Tomato Ketchup is 25The roots of our madness: on BerrymanAm I my connectome?Reading Nemerov's *Learning the Trees*


Howard Nemerov

Before you can learn the trees, you have to learn
The language of the trees. That’s done indoors,
Out of a book, which now you think of it
Is one of the transformations of a tree.

The words themselves are a delight to learn,
You might be in a foreign land of terms
Like samara, capsule, drupe, legume and pome,
Where bark is papery, plated, warty or smooth.

But best of all are the words that shape the leaves—
Orbicular, cordate, cleft and reniform—
And their venation—palmate and parallel—
And tips—acute, truncate, auriculate.

Sufficiently provided, you may now
Go forth to the forests and the shady streets
To see how the chaos of experience
Answers to catalogue and category.

Confusedly. The leaves of a single tree
May differ among themselves more than they do
From other species, so you have to find,
All blandly says the book, “an average leaf.”

Example, the catalpa in the book
Sprays out its leaves in whorls of three
Around the stem; the one in front of you
But rarely does, or somewhat, or almost;

Maybe it’s not catalpa? Dreadful doubt.
It may be weeks before you see an elm
Fanlike in form, a spruce that pyramids,
A sweetgum spiring up in steeple shape.

Still, pedetemtim as Lucretius says,
Little by little, you do start to learn;
And learn as well, maybe, what language does
And how it does it, cutting across the world

Not always at the joints, competing with
Experience while cooperating with
Experience, and keeping an obstinate
Intransigence, uncanny, of its own.

Think finally about the secret will
Pretending obedience to Nature, but
Invidiously distinguishing everywhere,
Dividing up the world to conquer it,

And think also how funny knowledge is:
You may succeed in learning many trees
And calling off their names as you go by,
But their comprehensive silence stays the same.


  1. i intend to read the essay linked to about the nemerov poem

    i wonder which ringo starr song you mean - don't pass me by? it don't come easy? with a little help from my friends? boys? you're sixteen, you're beautiful, and you're mine? my best guess - i'm the greatest [supposedly kerry has, in real life, asked someone when he was not receiving proper deference, do you know who i am?]

    the connectome article reminds me of something written by john yates, ph.d. - previously quoted here by me, and here it comes again

    in “The mind illuminated: A complete meditation guide integrating Buddhist wisdom and brain science”, Culadasa gives a picture (3 pictures, really – figure 57, pages 411-413) of the changes in worldview he says can be produced by practicing the program of development he delineates. There are a lot of circles and arrows in the illustrations. Here are the captions for the three stages:

    p. 411 Three assumptions – that I am a separate Self, that I live in a world of relatively enduring and self-existent “things”, and that my happiness comes from the interactions between my Self and this world of things – are shared throughout the subminds making up the mind-system. They provide the foundation for our sense of meaning and purpose in life.

    p. 412 The “true” nature of reality, as revealed through Insight experiences, directly conflicts with all these assumptions: there are no “things”, only process; all we ever really experience are the fabrications of our own minds; the Self I think I am is as impermanent and empty as everything else; the world can never be the source of my happiness. When these truths are realized by the deep unconscious minds, it is severely disruptive.

    p. 413 As Insight matures, individual sub-minds reorganize their internal models to accommodate the new information. This transformation brings about a completely new worldview, life takes on a new and deeper meaning and purpose than ever before, and there is a much greater sense of ease, regardless of what may happen.

    The thought balloon on page 413 states, “I am not separate. Everything arises and passes away due to causes and conditions. This body and mind are not things, but causal process. Having arisen due to causes and conditions, they are causes and conditions in their turn Ultimate truth is knowable, but not through ideas and concepts. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.”

    On January 13, 2017, Culadasa/John Yates tweeted:

    “A New Buddhist Path: Enlightenment, Evolution, and Ethics in the Modern World” by David R. Loy. I purchased it after one of his talks. This is an excellent work. Here he clearly explains why the emerging global culture needs the Buddha’s teachings, and why Buddhism needs Western culture and science. With the proper combination of both, humankind may even survive its successes and excesses.


    Fred Wah: "Standing in the Doorway - the Hyphen in Chinese-Canadian Poetry"

    As he nears the end of his talk, Wah explains its metaphoric title through a poem from his Diamond Grill reflecting upon the importance of hybridity to his poetics: "If I stand in the doorway and don’t go through, I can see both rooms.” Thus the hyphen, representative of his hybrid identity, serves a similar purpose, allowing multiple perspectives.


    cf. "enough hats" - see the first comment at