Friday, May 21, 2021

A Feeling Like Being Choked Enters My Throat

Napoleon, Chirp (o Rosie, who smiles at me when I call Chirp when our eyes meet), house, I choose to enjoy this teffjilt and not griddle grief today

Doesn't rile me up like humans torturing and killing animals for sport but certainly in running for wild card spot in What Tilts Jeff! my country's motherfucking finest metaphor abounding, our colony Israel, how the West was won, how the West Bank and East Bank already are and will be ultimately won jilts Teff every time

Creeley born 95 years ago today

The best Queen song plays in my head insistently these times, it's not only the best Queen song ever it's one of the three best songs by composed by humans for humans and I'm only vouching for this one forever at this minute, have I mentioned this?


Robert Creeley

When I know what people think of me
I am plunged into my loneliness.  The grey
hat bought earlier sickens.
I have no purpose no longer distinguishable.
A feeling like being choked
enters my throat.


  1. a few of my own nominations for best songs by and for humans

    peter gabriel - in your eyes
    kate bush - rocket's tail
    john lennon - imagine
    gerry rafferty - family tree
    mark knopfler - brothers in arms
    todd rundgren - love is the answer/healing/change myself/caravan
    ludwig van beethoven - 4th movement of 9th symphony
    charles-camille saint-saëns/jonathan hodge - if i had words

    by the way - those are good looking cats

  2. Another stellar by starlight photo featuring Nap.
    The vid doesn't show here, probably EU issues. My guess is it's All Dead...
    Concur re. Rocket's Tail featuring the one of the Trio Bulgarka's best few performances on a Kate record.