Sunday, May 23, 2021

Almost Anything You See Is a Map in Some Way

Yowza, Blog Days of Summer upon us, I shouldn't be surprised, happens mid-May every year, and look at the blogrolls, the silence of the gabby, the end of the academic year the reliable mile marker but this year combined with the past two year's relentless daily prayer stations of shittiness capped simultaneously with the traditional start of Blog Days of Summer by the Endless War for Shitlords latest atrocities, folks wearier than ever, unable to not give a fuck, aware more than ever how useless the fuck they give is

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Terrance Hayes 

A map indicating the state of the union may
Yield the statues, static & statutes of grave
White men while a map indicating disrepair may
Yield colorful groundbreakers uprooting graves.

A map indicating the state of your affairs may
Include only the business of your accountant
If you are able to steer clear of laissez-­faire—may-­
Be let’s not take that road down the mountain.

A map indicating states of arousal may
Also be a map few people find useful
Though the people who feel this way may
Also be people in a state of denial.

A map indicating a state of inertia may
Be indistinguishable from a map
Indicating a state of flux. The route may
Lead you in circles around the map.

A map indicating a state-­of-­the-­art May-­
Bach may feature what could be mistaken
For peace signs or tiny wheels making
Their way across a larger map that may

Indicate a state of grace under fire or may
Indicate a state of emergency exit, a route
Which may divide at forks in the road or may
Multiply at crossroads leading you out

Into a light so bright & constant you may
Have to wear a cap & shades indoors
Like brothers who know as much about May-­
Bachs as Bach pursuing cultural studies or

The mother tongue of New York, they may
Wear peace signs on their shoulders
Traveling states of aggression that may
Actually be states of preservation or

Distress. A map indicating a state of war may
Actually be a map indicating a state
Of weariness. Let your eyes fall where they may
On the map indicating your state.

You may wander the states of wonder indicated
By the many unmarked areas along the map.
Almost anything you see is a map in some way.
Let your eyes fall where they may on the maps.

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  1. 0)i noticed that one of the links above isn't a link - intentionally, it seems

    0.5)it's next to the 'you are a network' link to an article excerpted from kathleen wallace's the network self: relation, process, and personal identity

    the article linked to discusses the phenomena and implications of dementia

    another way of thinking about self complexity can be seen at

    1)today is 'victoria day' in canada - an observance of the late queen's birthday which serves a similar function to 'memorial day' in the u.s. - it is a long weekend marking the social beginning of the summer

    1.5 surprisingly, 'victoria day' in this sense is not observed in any other part of the former british empire except eastern central scotland