Saturday, May 1, 2021

my shitty orpheus mask

Capitalism rewards sociopathy
Globalism is out, nationalism is inCapitalism!
Half the adds on the local news radio station are for sports bettingAnother remind it's not an accident our shitlords are legalizing sports betting and weed >>>That’s right, the commissioner of another league, the NBA, told Manfred to cut the shit with incessant pace of play talk, because there was a way to extract more money from baseball’s lengthy format and constant breaks. And Manfred, as a guy who really only speaks this one business-y language, understood that far more than years of people saying, “hey, this sucks” about whatever initiatives he was going on and on about.
I hate motherfucking humans
There were more games in the department closet including one where I win if I'm the bestest gang leader and another where we just beat the shit out of each other
Important duh but duh nonetheless, thank good the duh I eat more sophisticated guinea pig shit re: tweet last night, not a guinea pig's birthday tomorrow, but close
The irony about my poem about killing humans versus killing animals that I lost the Vollmann momentum in *Fathers and Crows,* had nothing to do with the savage human on human violence, I hadn't got near it, I don't have time to read the too much I've never read before, new rule until I change it, if attempting a novel it must be one I read for the first time, forever until it's not
On Johannes Göransson’s *Poetry Against All*<< I <vouch<<
Moby Dick and suicideWhy gardenWing span?New Fripp song!
New Kings of Convenience!
575BergWearyThe dream is the motherNo answersHummingbirds and the ecstatic moment
Did you notice the change, jeffhead's installation? I think this the first change in blog appearance (not counting the occasional CWCF subtitle gag while all else stays the same) since the last. It will remain forever until it's replaced



[The rabble want to tear apart]

Johannes Göransson

The rabble wants to tear apart
my shitty orpheus mask
because I hate more purely
than they do when I write Poetry
for the Masses I make a million
dollars I pay it to know what
is happening to my mouth
it's not good what is happening
to my mouth is not good the seeds
taste like levothyroixine
they are pomegranate seeds
the rabble tells me what is
happening to my body
it's skulden sommaren är min
men skulden är din för du läser
I want this poem to be anti
matter but it is more beautiful
under matter under ground under
the poisoned trees the pills
are lavender and shaped
like tears I am watching the lilacs
do their thing to my matter
I'm a child of film I melt it
and play it while I sing
a song about a million dollars
to pay my debt I perfect my crime
the pills taste like liquorice
the sun tastes terrible in
the butterfly pavillion I hate
the sun and want to kill it
with klangdikten dessa klangdikter
are kill poems for my daughter
they are love poems for my
daughter my deader I need to pay
my debts for the brave new
world where I can betray you 

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