Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Glass Eye That Stares at Me in Amazement from the Bronze Mantel

Just before the plague the library agreed to circulate board games donated to the library, this one arrived recently, I found it in the department storage closet, read the description, the fuck is wrong with people

I wouldn't do *this* but people who know me can vouch I do shit like this
American shitlords and the true motives behind the European Super League
Yesterday in semi-final first leg of Champions League the Abu Dhabi Oil Syndicate won 1-2 versus the Qatari Oil Syndicate, away goals matter
The biggest most vicious criminal gang in America
People have tried - Beloveds have tried, they can vouch, and not just you - to interest me in rules sophisticated (as opposed to simple rules for a sophisticated game like backgammon) board games, I get it, I was born without that gene
The lack of small talk is breaking our brains
I opened Under Leagues box, there must be at minimum five dozen cards (in plastic wrap so I can't open them) and at least three dozen coins and a rule book fourteen small print small glossy pamphlet long that I'm to spend hours learning so I can mistreat animals to be the most vicious animals they can be
At home he's a tourist
The fuck is wrong with peopleUnder Leagues package is impressiveproduct-wise, I do get gamers package aethesticsEarthgirl Planet Air and me played a card game involving sushiand another where (I liked this one) where each played card sideways until a sideways winwhen I last hugged my daughter almost fourteen months agothat was first night of Michigan vacatiand there wasn't a second gamenight IT WASN'T MEWe will not be playing Under League if please hug her in June
These statues are two hundred yards from my desk at work
Dan has a new novel reviewMilton versus the mob
The owners of those Transformer statues park their new Bentley and vintage Rolls next to them when champaigning privileged guests, no, no guillotine for cars I didn't for statues



Kenneth Koch

Fifty years have passed
since I started living in those dark towns
I was telling you about.
Well, not much has changed. I still can't figure out
how to get from the post office to the swings in the park.
Apple trees blossom in the cold, not from conviction,
and my hair is the color of dandelion fluff.
Suppose this poem were about you - would you
put in the things I've carefully left out:
descriptions of pain, and sex, and how shiftily
people behave toward each other? Naw, that's
all in some book it seems. For you
I've saved the descriptions of chicken sandwiches
and the glass eye that stares at me in amazement
from the bronze mantel, and will never be appeased.

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  1. Vouched. But I blame me for not getting it before I did (which took 15-20 years and was 30-35 years ago). OTOH, I try not to shame your kinks (that game does sound annoying, granted).

    There's a pretty spiffy and popular card game about bird evolution that I strongly suspect you and EG and Planet would like. I'll tell you on the secret bat channel the next time I remember its name. Memory comes around harder these days, as you may know.