Saturday, May 15, 2021

Shitty Kitty En Route to the Gulf of Tonkin or En Route to a Race Riot?

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One year ago today I wrote: Eno's birthday, seventy-two today. Fripp tomorrow. Second half of May fat with birthdays.... (B)eing negotiated, abandoning both *Egoslavian* and *My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game* branding, abandoning the ritual of my own self-defining calendar, I can't imagine it happening but once I could never imagine even considering abandoning either since that a necessary first step to abandoning more
I abandoned *Egoslavian,* I still MSADI5G not because I still think about it all the time but because (a) I don't and (b) I don't read or listen much at all to those poets, novelists, or musicians who are on it any more, forgive me, it fascinates me, but not as much as once, so progress




Don Mee Choi

Here comes Shitty Kitty en route to the Gulf of Tonkin or en route to a race riot? That
is the question and meanwhile discipline is the keystone and meanwhile did you
see on TV helicopters being ditched into the sea? That is also my film and meanwhile
all refugees must be treated as suspects. Looking for your husband? Looking for
your son? That is the question and meanwhile she was the mother of the boy or that
is what the translator said or Shitty Kitty or shall we adhere to traditional concepts
of military discipline tempered with humanitarianism? That is the question and
meanwhile South Korea exports military labor left over from the war. That is also my
history or is that your history? That is the question and meanwhile
          (CHORUS: Dictator Park Chung Hee and his soldiers in Ray-Bans)
          How much?
          $7.5 million=per division
          or Binh Tai massacre=$7.5 million
          or Binh Hoa massacre=$7.5 million
          or Dien Nien—Phuoc Binh massacre=$7.5 million
          or Go Dai massacre=$7.5 milion
          or Ha My massacre=$7.5 million
          or Phong Nhi & Phong Nhat massacre=$15 million
          or Tay Vinh massacre=$7.5 million
          or Vinh Xuan massacre=$7.5 million
          or Mighty History?

That is the question and meanwhile a riot began over a grilled cheese sandwich at
Subic Bay. Discrimination or perception? That is the question and meanwhile the
sailor refused to make a statement or translate? That is the question and meanwhile
twenty-six men all black were charged with assault and rioting and meanwhile did
you translate? That is my question and meanwhile lard or Crisco? Aye, aye, sir!
          (Anti-CHORUS: kittens in frilly white bonnets, bibs, and mittens)
                                                       K I T T Y  S O N G
                                                     I, aye-aye-sir!
                                                  I, crazy-daisy-sir!
                                                I, export-quality-sir!
                                                   I, grill-grill-sir!
                                                I, meow-meow-sir!
                                                  I, kitty-litter-sir!


  1. with respect to "undemocratic" and "binational regime" there was a discussion of the queen[undemocratic] of canada[binational regime] in the comments at daily mail recently

    DMVer, Maryland - DC Metro area, United States wrote

    her majesty is also the queen of canada, which i have the privilege to be a citizen of - as a unifying symbol and stabilizing influence, the monarchy is seen by many as playing a valuable role in the balancing act that canada's government is fated to perform - quebec, anglo canada, first nations, visible minorities, and of course the giant to the south all must be taken into account - good will, civility, concern for the welfare of the nation as a whole - all these can make an important difference - god save our gracious queen
    [61 up votes, 3 down votes]

    Trump Is A LOSER, Calgary, Canada replied

    The Queen does not play an active role in Canadian politics, and her powers are mostly symbolic. The Queen is not seen by many as playing a valuable role in Canada's government. Canadians are trying to get rid of her. YOU are not Canadian.
    [2 up votes, 30 down votes]

    romft, wells, United Kingdom, chimed in

    Trump is a Loser.........YOU are extremely rude and ignorant,and my closest friends are Canadians and they love her.
    [17 up votes, 2 down votes]

  2. 'riots and/or poetics' has the modern monetary theory link. Not complaining, more trying to be helpful. I think I'll listen to No Pussyfooting beginning 11:30 pm.

    1. Oops. Thanks. Fixed.

      Yes. Don't know whether Fripp's bday will be here on his bday or on Monday or Tuesday.