Tuesday, June 22, 2021

2021 June 22 Waterloo

 I am in Michigan

That's Grass Lake two night's ago in the town of Grass Lake, the person I'm visiting in Michigan lives in Grass Lake. I'm typing this Tuesday morning from an old one room school house refurbished as a house in the middle of the Waterloo Recreation Area near Jackson that we are renting

That's Earthgirl yesterday walking the land we bought near Dexter Michigan so we can be near the person who lives in Grass Lake

From the front porch of the house we are renting last evening

Not tending my grids, not by design - I did not set as goal not filling the grids (which would guarantee I would, though this sentence jinxes, which direction I'll find out) - I have seen gridworthy, my usual lopsided ratio of three shits to one kiss, there will be more, always

Here is the house we are renting from the meadow backyard at 9:00 last evening, doesn't get total dark, the second day of summer, until 10:30

The wifi is slow and the water pressure low but the kitchen is wonderful, the front porch large, the bed firm, and Michigan, our neighbors fly their Trump flags defiantly, the state leaves car-struck animals to rot over multiple seasons in the middle and sides of deteriorating and unmaintained roads, but the birds, the meadows, the skies, all day, not just sunsets, but especially sunsets, last night with moonrise


  1. You do this well (under breath: a little too well). Seriously, I dig that which guarantees certain outcomes, or the hedges that do then don't. Re. mishigami: Take it in, enjoy it. If it tastes bad, spit it out.

  2. formerly in michigan, established by an 1891 act of congress

    Mount Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, 1893–1934