Saturday, June 19, 2021

With a Heart That Rejects Its Reasons in Favor of Keeping What It Wants

Earthgirl and Planet and me drive to Michigan tomorrow, will be wonderful once there
I hate this drive more than I hate the drive to Maine but less than any drive on 95 south of the Potomac
House to New Stanton exit of Pennsylvania Turnpike pretty
New Stanton to Ohio then the Ohio Turnpike to Toledo then 23 to 96 near Ann Arbor b.o.r.i.n.g.a.s.f.u.c.k.
The house we are renting less than x miles from the compound of the x who tried to x the x of x
Happy Birthday, SeatSix
We will see the land we bought and regret doing so once reminded having am orgt ages ucksr ancid, hopefully the real estate agent will meet uss owelo ookath eprop erplots
I will misswho's rallying& others rallying too

I have tablet and two pens inked if intenet fails, if it doesn't I won't use pens inks or tablet the fuck is wrong with me
How to end up serving the Right
Grievance Conservatives are here to stay
Everyone serves their own prepackaged programing
but more by the prepackaged program they're fed
packaged to make the programmed think they're not programmed
Observing lucratively paid whisperers change teams (depending which whisperer whispers former whisperer hasn't changed, it's *you* who've changed) in free agency is fascinating
Capitalism"For years, banks and ultra-elites (bankrolled by years of money-printing, corporate socialism, and bailouts) have been using their wealth to take control of the world and rent it back to us."
Over/under of BLCKDGRD posts from Michigan 2.5 (I'm told the wifi may be sketchy and I'm not driving to Jackson to eat in a mask-free Panera for the wifi)
Maine rules apply in Michigan and I will be joined by Planet!
Of course trees talk to each other
My friend Alexa Sasha_veeee AlarumWrote this
I am lobbying to visit the Cranbrook Art Museum next week while in Michigan!
Fresh hellCheever and meTwenty propaganda horrors
I'm taking to Michigan a Dart a Roc a Leopard and a Beast and will throw them at metal baskets while Earthgirl paints whatever she wants to paint
I'm reading Debt in X, time to remember so I can make a lame self-absolving effort to fret less over things I can't alter but more importantly things my complicity won't, with my approval, change
Reading the new Murname essay (about his novel Inland, my favorite) I thought about rereading Murname in Michigan but I am still honoring my rule I cannot reread any novel until I read two novels I haven't read and I haven't read the second unread novel yet (and have NO novel in progress at this moment and zero interest in reading a novel, the fuck?
How equality slipped away
Missing low is lame, today's finest metaphor
Bloomsday SlavesEnds, beginnings
Everything is property and property is everything
Dynamic positioningTransitory, momentary
Like most mornings, I woke up w Swans in my head
Throw the fucking Roc, dumbfuck




Chard Deniord

The windows are dressed in feathers where the birds have flown against
then fallen below into the flowers where their bodies lie grounded, still,
slowly disappearing each day until all that is left are their narrow,
     prehensile bones.
I have sat at my window now for years and watched a hundred birds
mistake the glass for air and break their necks, wondering what to do,
how else to live among them and keep my view.
Not to mention the sight of them at the feeder in the morning,
especially the cardinal in snow.
What sign to post on the sill that says, "Warning, large glass window.
Fatal if struck. Fly around or above but not away.
There are seeds in the feeder and water in the bath.
I need you, which is to say, I'm sorry for my genius as the creature inside
who attracts you with seeds and watches you die against the window
I've built with the knowledge of its danger to you. 
With a heart that rejects its reasons in favor of keeping what it wants:
the sight of you, the sight of you."

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  1. 1/good looking cat photo

    2/piece you linked to by alexa vallejo reminded me of

    "A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved." ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

    3/at youtube i came across a cover of "walk on the ocean" by daniel park

    a beautifully sung rendition, and the final shot of the ocean waves as he sings the last line 'as we slowly grow old' is evocative