Monday, June 14, 2021

What Am I Doing Inside This Old Man's Body

New Lambchop, better than OK, old, not love, fuck me, fifth time worked, it's love, I correct my final judgement ass mid-sentence, fuck me


New Lindsey Buckingham, OK I guess, old, not love


This was a new trend since before the plague, picked up momentum since then. I wrote this on June 14th of last year:

Today may or not be David Thomas' birthday and he may or not be 67 today (68th this year), but June 14th I saw somewhere once is his birthday so here, BLCKDGRD Theme Song Two, and if I like the current iteration of Pere Ubu less than previous iterations and listen to previous iterations less than I once did Pere Ubu/Thomas projects still one of two permanent members of My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game

Not just music (the new Six Organs of Admittance, the new album, meh): poetry, novels - the new Ishiguro, meh plus, he new Krasznahorkei, meh, everything, everywhere


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David Ferry

What am I doing inside this old man’s body?
I feel like I’m the insides of a lobster,
All thought, and all digestion, and pornographic
Inquiry, and getting about, and bewilderment,
And fear, avoidance of trouble, belief in what,
God knows, vague memories of friends, and what
They said last night, and seeing, outside of myself,
From here inside myself, my waving claws
Inconsequential, wavering, and my feelers
Preternatural, trembling, with their amazing
Troubling sensitivity to threat;
And I’m aware of and embarrassed by my ways
Of getting around, and my protective shell.
Where is it that she I loved has gone to, as
This cold sea water’s washing over my back?

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  1. Oh Canada

    NY Times recently had an article on the Kamloops residential school unmarked graves. One reader wrote:

    San Francisco June 7

    As a Canadian that has lived in the US for over half of my life, it has always been a point of frustration that my friends and family in Canada so consistently attack the United States for it’s dark and violent ethos and for its empire. And they aren’t wrong. But what Canadians are wrong about is that they are any different. The best kept secret in Canadian culture is that they are just like Americans, with a very similar past. This terrible discovery is iron clad proof of this reality. I hope it gives my fellow Canadians pause, and to perhaps look in mirror rather than blindly blaming the bad guys south of the border.

    I replied:

    @Aaron - Speaking as a dual US/Canadian citizen, I would point out that it is a matter of degree. Canada is less guilty of killing foreigners than the U.S. is. As the Memorial Day and Veterans Day holidays remind us every year, American culture glorifies militarism. There is plenty of unheeded truth and unaccomplished reconciliation needed in both countries, but one shows signs of beginning to realize this in a way that the other does not.