Wednesday, June 16, 2021

A Uniformity of Occupations Breeds Cravings for Sensation

"The only face more suitable for the US empire than a sociopathic billionaire is a decrepit warmongering corporate whore with dementia."
Shitlords and their slaves
Disaster capitalism
"No, the Democrats who govern Virginia will not repeal the state’s anti-union right-to-work law, but yes, by all means, they will make Juneteenth an official holiday."
Shitlord crime versus peasant crime
Avalanche of Numbers
That's as big a font size my freeself incriminating spreadsheet platform can do, you digital roach motel logging my keystokes fuck youvery mu ch there, tell your engineers I want more if they wantme to selfin criminate more
Weed capitalism!
I will be in Michigan where weed is legal with stores I could pick my flavor this Saturday to next Saturday, I don't think Maine rules apply there, Maine's a month away, let me live so long, we can't wait
The never-ending war on whistle-blowers
I hugged my daughter for the first time in fifteen months, I get another week with her next week
Avedon Carol's occasional links
Can you rename the Washington Helmetball Team? (I vote DCFC)
Not official, the above, but an article about what the process the WHT currently endeavoring. DCFC the least likely of the six they came up with, Red Hogs almost certainly the most, and by design, and not wrong
Wh wrdprss nt vbl ptn
Airborne Event my favorite radio show ever, Dan and I share genes, enopening and necksbed, first show in almost six years
I will be writing in Michigan but not from the breakfast lounge of the Chelsea Comfort Inn, which I will miss


Tom Clark

Poetry, Wordsworth
wrote, will have no
easy time of it when
the discriminating

powers of the mind
are so blunted that
all voluntary
exertion dies, and

the general
public is reduced
to a state of near
savage torpor, morose,

stuporous, with
no attention span
whatsoever; nor will
the tranquil rustling

of the lyric, drowned out
by the heavy, dull
of persons in cities,

where a uniformity
of occupations breeds
cravings for sensation
which hourly visual

communication of
instant intelligence
gratifies like crazy,
likely survive this age.


  1. with regard to weed capitalism, recreational cannabis is now legal in my ancestral province of nova scotia, and sold in the provincial liquor stores - and there are community college courses on cannabis cultivation etc

    however, i have heard that a lot of people are sticking with their pre-legalization dealers - they know them, and also the prices may be better [maybe from tax issues]

    atrios at eschaton says - people want to get high and get it on with each other - a lot of society's energy goes into trying to stop them

    who knows if it's good or bad?

    1. speaking of the pursuit of pleasure that atrios mentions, and cravings for sensation, in tom clark's phrase:

      Just a few years ago, Sasha was tied up and beaten for eight hours because her pimp suspected she had told someone what was happening to her.

      "A lot of women like me," she said, "they don't want to tell because they don't feel safe."

      Sasha (not her real name) recently escaped sexual exploitation and human trafficking that started in 2017. CBC News has agreed to protect her identity for safety reasons as her pimp is still at large.

      Sasha's story, like so many others, began a few years ago with what she thought at first was a romantic relationship. But after a few months, things changed dramatically.

      "The love and respect turned into guys coming over," she said in an interview.

      There were parties with drugs and alcohol, and men paying to come to the parties and watch Sasha and her partner have sex. It quickly escalated into Sasha being prostituted and having no control over the money she was bringing in. Whenever she did not co-operate, Sasha said, she was beaten.

      "I had my ribs broken, I had my eye socket broken, I had my nose broken a couple of times," she said. "My sternum fractured, my lips busted open. You name it."

      Although she has since escaped that situation and will be acting as a peer-support person for other survivors through the Elizabeth Fry Society, she chose not to report the crimes committed against her.

      see also