Tuesday, July 13, 2021

We Left in 2 Separate Cars, 1 Headed for Circumstance, 1 Headed for Mars

This year's edition of the traditional post, odometer honest:

Sixty-one today, this guy. When we met in 5th grade fifty-two years ago neither of us predicted the weirdest year of our lives would be 2021.

Always this: twenty-eight years ago Landru was the first human not Earthgirl or me or a doctor/nurse to hold Planet.



And especially


  1. Nice. All the love, thank you.

    1. Landru! There is no Landru but He -- eternal, transfixed, oblong in His way. What is the contemplation of Stuff, if not without thought for the transparency and the hairdo and the hey hey hey? He is, The Landru, the One and Only.

    2. And (as you probably know, already), Filipino-American actor Charles Macaulay appeared in the 'Return of the Archons' and 'The Wolf In The Fold' episodes of Star Trek. He also appeared in the (cough) film, "Blackula" (1972), and was an Associate Professor at the USC School of Theatre for six years. Macaulay died in 1999 in Healdsburg, CA, not all that far away from where I am now sitting.

  2. 1/i have a friend from high school, and a few friends from college, that i still communicate with occasionally - it's nice

    2/those slickee boys did a great show - and their 'pictures of matchstick men' cover was wonderful

    3/with regard to life being weird - surely it could have been lawrence 'yogi' berra who said something like 'you never know when something surprising might happen'

    [probably he wouldn't have added 'not necessarily to your advantage']

  3. One of my favorite - the Slickee Boys