Friday, August 13, 2021

Give My Love to, Oh, Anybody

2021 August 12
Pjoepf of Vriecyh
I am the plumber*
invited to committees
by professionals
to describe shit-tubes'
best practices re: shitty
deliberate choke
points (professionals
either acknowledge I know
of what I speak or
forever dismiss
me (death to the either/or)
as embittered staph)
What makes a good boss
sharpest interview question:
Me, nine of ten say
*I am the polite
Bajoran people invite
to symposiums
but have no real sway
among my people* today's
lame metaphor, gag

Boat deck Wednesday update
Whither the Cuomosexual?
Maryland's duopoly
Why don't they believe us?
Labor shortage and new criminalization
Ambition in capitalist society
There is no will to fight climate change
The best kind of vanishing
Thinking about how dogs think
Ruefle interview
Remembering Stephen Dixon
Ashbery interview


James Schuyler

The friends who come to see you
and the friends who don’t.
The weather in the window.
A pierced ear.
The mounting tension and the spasm.
A paper lace doily on a small plate.
A day in February: heart
shaped cookies on St Valentine’s.
Like Christopher, a discarded saint.
A tough woman with black hair.
“I got to set my wig straight.”
A gold and silver day begins to wane.
A crescent moon.
Ice on the window.
Give my love to, oh, anybody.

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