Monday, August 30, 2021

my muse is bored with the company I keep


2021 August 30

Pjoepf of Vriecyh

Life in the Ocene
Higher Disaster Doses
Cracker (-) Battered

Actual size, newest Coover (with Art Spiegelman), arrived last week, wonderful object, typically brilliant Coover writing (or so he says while quickly reaffirming he doesn't trust his reading of anything in good times now, novels especially and even poetry, but so sideways with work even more so now, not so much the amount of work (which like any start of an academic year is completely overwhelming as my two core responsibilities both are busiest at the exact same time) but the fine fucking metaphor for everything abounding by my bosses up to top of ladder for every astounding clusterfuck surrounding our days), I do owe you songs and links and a (not mine, I promise) (Update: oops) poem.....

What it's like to see Bernie Sanders in 2021
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*Vespertine* released twenty years ago last Friday, I didn't stop liking Bjork's music but I stopped listening to it without even noticing and wonder why I did stop listening each time I'm reminded that I stopped for no reason I can think of


Tom Raworth

my muse is bored with the company I keep.       I wait for her to flash the
mirrored paper in my eyes and she does this

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  1. Some years ago I was at an Alexandria restaurant called Trademark, which used books as part of its decor. (Apparently this is common.) I couldn't help examining the books, although they were decorations. Most of them were unremarkable, but there was a first edition of Robert Coover's THE PUBLIC BURNING. The book is no longer there: I have it. Yes, I absconded with it, but left a very, very nice tip. The server will never know why.