Wednesday, August 25, 2021

My Misery and the Laborious Knots of the Sheets I Wound Myself In

New Circuit des Yeux, I vouch for all

Life in the Immiserationocene
Dear Lean of Dibrary, I recognize you were blessed with a plague *after* you were hired to decimate the Dibrary as a service point that requires employed (with benefits) humans, my department started the plague with 12.5 (not counting Bookkeeper), we will be down to four (not counting Bookkeeper) in three weeks, I hope provost and president, needing to recognize all the third team managers who've not only met but exceeded expected attrition goals, have said Thank You, Hean Lemmasi
Yes, a complaint, but meant as a canary with vapers warning you, me Cassandra, Canary, Weathervane, Fool, I will be daftold before immiseration laps at my ankles, says jinxdumbfuck, who will be as daftold as Daughter of Helen
Elric 7 thinks the heavy metals our parents exposed to as infants kids teenagers young adults in Mon Valley steel mill town and coal mining/slate burning Fayette County passed onto to us and SeatSix and he is not wrong
Return to Regular Immiseration *my* George, the long-dead bow-tied motherfucking Chicago School of Economics professor at Hilltop who called me nephew and I called uncle when we drank pints, argued human nature will return to normal, the New Deal and Great Society are doomed aberrations due to fail as human nature is shitty and people are assholes and the longer that not normal is normal the worse the return to normal levels of human immiseration will be

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Bruce Smith

In bed as the machinery of morning begins, indistinguishable
the subterranean turbines of the A train from the jet engine
as it gins the clouds, rips and reseams the length of dungaree
on its way to Pittsburgh (with the terrible and subtle cargoes,
with ashes and a cat under the seat) from the pulleys
of the service elevators from the baffled sound across the alley
of the hand-iron press and the sewing machine motors whirring
bobbins that stitch together the hot properties of Seoul
      and the suburbs
and the idiot village of Chelm, needle the veronica
      and the Buddha robe
and the sateen for spring. I looked over at her. Her skin a warp
of Christ and a weft of meat. All night she had hauled me
and the boy and the smoky, feckless men I was across
the fens and stretches of mesquite through the tunnels
and delivered me to my misery and the laborious knots of the sheets
I wound myself in. And she was exhausted from Eros and swollen
from anger. She could stand to put on a few pounds. I could see it
in her ribs. Before I would marry my restlessness to her terror,
before the crushes and wages could be made into our equity, before
the endlessness would end in spinning jennies and sleaze
      and the noise
of a fleet of vehicles with tinted windows testing
      the evacuation routes,
I would cut, then peel, then dice, then caramelize some onions
before she wasted away to nothing.


  1. from pepe escobar's piece you link to at follow the money

    The “forever war” may have been a disaster for the bombed, invaded and impoverished “Afghan people,” but it was an unmitigated success for what Ray McGovern so memorably defines as the MICIMATT (Military-Industrial-Counter-Intelligence-Media-Academia-Think Tank) complex. Anyone who bought stocks of Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and the rest of that crowd made – literally – a killing.

    1. as this term was not entered in yet, i did so