Thursday, August 19, 2021

we put a different food in each dish then see in which order the dog eats them

I learned I better put the cabinet of links above the cabinet of haikus going forward if I want you to see the cabinet of links


Serious news for serious people
I changed my twuutar ivator back to Fleabus, the last time I ever change it until the next time I do
{ feuilleton }'s (last week's) weekly linksMy hot take on bidenafghanistan
Mid-August to end of September shittier at work than beginning of October to next mid-August, this year to be shittiest as something I shouldn't type here happens this afternoon, hoowee, the localized earthquake, the plus is I'm so wrought here I don't pay attention to Daily Clusterfuck like I wish I didn't pay attention to Daily Clusterfuck when I wasn't wrought with work
Conspiracy theories aside, we *are* being reprogrammed, I have told you three times a zillion times
Localized earthquakes a basic shitlord strategy for diminishing peasant expectations of life quality and is the hydrogen atom of disaster capitalism
What is the chief aim of man?
I want to write - and am writing about - my local work earthquake and of course can't post any here much beyond my mentioning again that I, born 1959, have been, still am, and sadly for me will be my favorite if not the finest metaphor abounding for the TV show I've been watching the last sixty years


Tom Raworth

dog food

we put a different food in each dish
then see in which order the dog eats them

cat food

we don't know why they do eat grass
it isn't an essential nutrient


do you know what the old radio looks like?

hair low
who are you?

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  1. earlier this week i had a philosophical moment having to do with the chief end of man when reading David R. Loy's 2015 book A New Buddhist Path: Enlightenment, Evolution and Ethics in the Modern World

    “Because awakening to my nonduality with the world does not automatically eliminate habitual self-centered ways of thinking and acting, following a bodhisattva path becomes important for reorienting my relationship with the world.
    Instead of asking, “What can I get out of this situation?” one asks, “What can I contribute to this situation, to make it better?”

    this morning i came across an article from last year by the same author

    it was listed at

    his most recent book is Ecodharma: Buddhist Teachings for the Ecological Crisis (Wisdom Publications, 2019)

    that's a lot of reading

    if one feels like listening a song i like is nature boy - 'the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return' - here's a link to canadian singer celine dion's version