Sunday, August 22, 2021

Selfies Aren't Faked to Goad Our Favorite Exes

Selfie in my office, Sun by Planet
My bidiotoss says it's unprofessional everytime we're in a zoom and the self-check sign points down at my bald head, she asked me to take it down and I said no and dared her to check with company HR, whether she did or didn't the sign still there
Resistance and revolution, fellow feeble motherfuckers

Generation of vipers *Generation* both noun and verb, yo
The elephant in the rabbit hole
The fall of the American Empire
We will do anything to get you to work for us except pay you enough
What more has to happen before something happens?
Petrochemical empire
Hooked on phobic energy and terror
I've been on a Merzbow bender

Foreign students and the scam of higher education (I can vouch)
Avedon Carol's occasional links
Why he hasn't posted new art in a while
Maggie's weekly links
{ feuilleton }'s weekly links
Remember when John Gardner was a thing?
I still remember when Robert Coover was a thing and am on a Coover bender, in middle of *Noir* now
Been on a Swans bender too


Robin Richardson

Figured marry for money the stainlessness of it
thermostatic shower simulates but isn’t rain
I simulate rain too. I do lines off a photo
of the lunar landing he says is make-believe
I don’t know the difference most of the things
most of the time are as if our Brooklyn Bridge
selfies aren’t faked to goad our favorite exes
as if my diet of carrots and cayenne is ’cause
nothing tastes as good as skinny makes money
makes the bed and stands beside us like a parent
with poor boundaries who just wants us
to be happy. Mommy’s money takes her
to Key West where she sends pictures of a cat
on king-sized everything says Hemingway
had money, honey! Figured I’d money myself
into perpetuity as if anything weren’t working
back to nothing. Figured marry but got thinking
now the money keeps itself to itself in Park Slope
in a Whole Foods growing greener.

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