Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Particulars Evaporating in a Kind of Silence


I've ordered a new GbV black and white rune sticker to put on my white chromebook, a black and white woof-moo dog and cow sticker on the lid already
For what I guess is the sixth or seventh time have I mentioned Guided by Voices and all Pollard music now a permanent seat in My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game, I only listen to the other two on their birthdays, lazy fucks not putting out six albums of primo a year, this is the greatest one minute song ever, it goes on for hours
My friend Alexa Alarum deciding between quitting or investing - death to the either/or - when odds of applause as acknowledgment of your significant artistic achievements a professional bettor would bet against despite millions on the penny odds
In my head I say I should quit this but my laptop death-burps and I buy a high-end chromebook to help me make these fucking posts?
I realize windows knows I'm typing this but not using windows o my savior shitlord google, signed jinxboy
Beloved, you like making things. Make things


John Ashbery

With a can of spray-dust
a walk is easily taken
on the leaves of the book laid powerfully parallel
though this book isn't the storehouse of might
you dreamt up in the middle of the storm-tossed night
where tattoos end in particulars evaporating
in a kind of silence that continues on above
chimney pot and shards of roof
on that particular fall.
Seven hedges encircle the man who is dancing
to the tune of an eternal bug-eyed conception
not one of his ancestors knew about
any more than he
the one doing the dancing
amid others becomes part of the dance
welling up in his hips.
The radio was on.
Some of the men were listening
and began to do an idle dance
below the ceremonial that is prepared.

One animal received the presentation.

I listened to it on the radio
wondering why nothing stops the serial
free to go on inventing itself
through fire through thunder through blisters of time
and the world. Nothing much comes to cheat us
of this vapor.

Cheese __ at the moment? Nutcases.
The night you saw Screwy Squirrel
When I went over to him I said I'm sorry.
We respect these.

William Biggs died some years ago.

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  1. 1/i wondered which william biggs ashbery was referring to - i found Narrative of the Captivity of William Biggs among the Kickapoo Indians in Illinois in 1788 at Project Gutenberg

    2/one of missus charley's in-laws is a neurosurgeon who practices in his country of origin - he says the threat of a lawsuit weighs heavily on him and his colleagues - patients' families regard anything less than full recovery to status quo ante as an indication of incompetence

    3/the world is a jungle, says former french ambassador to u.s. - in particular, france has been stabbed in the back because they thought they would be building australia's nuclear-powered submarines, but now it seems the yanks and brits will get the business instead