Friday, September 24, 2021

The Cry of a Lost Soul Clowning Yet Meaning It

Chromebook annointed with woof-moo and GbV. Shitty weeks at work, writing evaporated for now, barely reading, call this a filler post but here are mostly angry links I've been gathering, have them before they're stale
The year of prophetic desire
The state is dead, long live the state!
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Infectious diseases and authoritarianism
Killing environmental activists
The wages of embarrassing shitlords is death
The death of free market ideology?
An immense and damning failure of all of America's liberal institutions
The world is unsatisfactory
Man from Elephant and Castle
Ever in search for balance
New Julie Doiron!Old Julie Doiron!
Albert Pinkham Ryder?
*Lots* of RHK songs from all of his projects for a generous RIP
Richard H Kirk, 1956-2021
Richard H Kirk in ten records
I don't post enough Portistatic here, I don't post enough Superchunk here, but here, the new Mac McCaughan is wonderful


Tom Clark

The cry of a lost soul clowning yet meaning it
Shatters the silence of the planetarium
But the sky isn't falling. No wolf's at the door.
Still there's that echoing voice. Watchman, what of the night?
It's spherical, inky, and as big as Kansas.
The moon is not quite round. Several starts come out
of the backdrop and simulate topology,
Boring as old photos are yet absorbing as
They also are - potentially embarrassing 
Like real people, who, when they confront themselves
With the dolorous anthems of that humdrum
Self-awareness tolling in the middle distance,
Dismiss its alarums as mere background noise,
The cry of a lost soul clowning but meaning it.