Sunday, September 26, 2021

Spastic Clicking of Jerked Knees and Other Automatic Reactions

Bryan Ferry, I'm still stupid for his music, born 76 years ago today, innermost circle of rotating musicians for the two permanently open seats in My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game, and who still warrants, apparently, a birthday post (unlike Shostakovich and Rothko whose birthdays were yesterday)

I read Kagan's attempt to open overton window to allow for Villager condemnation of our ferengi shitlord weaponization of crackers and Bezos posted it top of fold for a day and then prominently top left bottom of fold, our ferengi shitlords defer to their psyop-savants' advisors, direct stenographers and news-readers to heed to script, Kagan probably unaware he advances the weaponization of crackers by Villager condemning it, Villagers the biggest of our ferengi shitlords' fools
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I've never heard of Fleur Jaeggy, any of you? I have access to a university library, if yes, tell me a good place to start?
Does anyone know a way to shuffle my bandcamp collection, I'd love for it to play like a radio, I have zero interest in listening to albums, I am telling you three times we are being reprogrammed


Tom Clark

Always behind my back I hear
The spastic clicking of jerked knees
And other automatic reactions
Tracking me through the years to where
Time’s winged chariot is double
Parked near the eternity frontier
And in such moments I want to participate
In human life less and less
But when I do the obligatory double take
And glance behind me into the dark green future
All I see stretching out are vast
Arizona republics of more


  1. I don't know how a Bandcamp collection works. The only way I know how to shuffle is to have whatever collection I want to listen to on the hard drive of a device to listen to it on, and to shuffle it with the aid of a player app. I use iTunes because I like the interface as far as the info on the music goes. I seem to recall the free and open source VLC working for this purpose, too. I just never got unused to the iBorg. Sorry if this is a waste of words and doesn't help.

  2. I build Playlists or choose Albums on Soundcloud (which does have a Shuffle capability; this is not a commercial for SC). I also own two iPod Classics, which require loading CD albums to get sounds, and which shuffle. GhostOfSteveJobsEgo of course don't repair them any longer. Since this does not help, this is in fact a waste of words. Back to SC.