Monday, September 6, 2021

What of You a Cat Possesses Is Essential but Narrow

I am reading a novel (and jinxing, that's what I do) that reads (in English translation from the Spanish) like my daily Simplenote not just the diary form but how someone my age downhill on an escalator if not yet a sled tries to file and process information as fast as once when points of reference from a week ago are gone but something reminded me of x-incident in what year was that in the 80s? So fuck me for jinxing me, here's Stanley (named after Elkin) pissing in our toilet yesterday morning, forgive, I didn't have time for video and alas tinkling audio but Earthgirl can vouch

Stanley an amazingly smart cat but an irritating stalker, professing love then cutting me open, and it *might* be love but I don't love him enough to be cut open
I try to explain less than once I did, a habit I'm consciously trying to thwart
Is it me or is there more duh from people a higher digital caste than me explaining to me that our shitlords are monstrous racist sexist murderous sociopaths?
Deliberate immiseration is unfortunately eight syllables


This week in Federal Appellate Court
Prospects for a post-Merkel E.U. >>>It’s summer, Brussels pretends to be on vacation, but nobody believes it: clouds are gathering, no silver lining in sight, nerves wrecked all around. Forests are burning, rain is falling, rivers are flooding – the climate crisis has hit home, more undeniably than ever. Of the €750 billion Corona ‘recovery fund’, not a single euro has yet been spent and the fourth wave is beginning to unfurl. Time for a fiscal booster shot – but how to pay for it? The French war in Africa drags on, the failed states of Libya, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon continue to fail, German demands for a European asylum regime that protects Germany from having to live up to its moral rhetoric are as divisive as ever, regime change in Russia must wait since Putin won’t resign. And now Afghanistan: Good Uncle Joe has become Bad Uncle Joe, toute l’Europe being shocked: unilateralism! In Germany and the UK, governments are desperately trying to avoid explaining why, apart from following American orders, they have been fighting a senseless war for two decades in an ungovernable faraway country. And in the midst of disaster everywhere Angela Merkel, the European Union’s unappointed but all the more effective Super-President, who they say has somehow kept it all together, is to leave her office as German chancellor this coming autumn, forever.
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Jane Hirshfield

You change a life
as eating an artichoke changes the taste
of whatever is eaten after.
Yet you are not an artichoke, not a piano or cat—
not objectively present at all—
and what of you a cat possesses is essential but narrow:
to know if the distance between two things can be leapt.
The piano, that good servant,
has none of you in her at all, she lends herself
to what asks; this has been my ambition as well.
Yet a person who has you is like an iron spigot
whose water comes from far-off mountain springs.
Inexhaustible, your confident pronouncements flow,
coldly delicious.
For if judgment hurts the teeth, it doesn’t mind,
not judgment. Teeth pass. Pain passes.
Judgment decrees what remains—
the serene judgments of evolution or the judgment
of a boy-king entering Persia: “Burn it,” he says,
and it burns. And if a small tear swells the corner
of one eye, it is only the smoke, it is no more to him than a beetle
fleeing the flames of the village with her six-legged children.
The biologist Haldane—in one of his tenderer moments—
judged beetles especially loved by God,
“because He had made so many.” For judgment can be tender:
I have seen you carry a fate to its end as softly as a retriever
carries the quail. Yet however much
I admire you at such moments, I cannot love you:
you are too much in me, weighing without pity your own worth.
When I have erased you from me entirely,
disrobed of your measuring adjectives,
stripped from my shoulders and hips each of your nouns,
when the world is horsefly, coal barge, and dawn the color of winter butter—
not beautiful, not cold, only the color of butter—
then perhaps I will love you. Helpless to not.
As a newborn wolf is helpless: no choice but hunt the wolf milk,
find it sweet.


  1. At my Place O' Labor, The Powerbars That Be brought in keylogging and keyword-scanning software as far back as 2006. The vendor supplying it had built a similar system for the DoD; this was the "civilian" version they were allowed to peddle (Oddly, Tableau -- a robust data visualization application out of Stanford -- had similar roots in realtime depiction of connections between apparently unrelated data elements, developed for DHS). 15 years later, our Overlords use different applications -- but surveillance of individuals is just one capability of systems which periodically scan any PC connected to a network, for 'weaknesses to potential intrusion'.

  2. speaking of lakeforest mall, missus charley and i were there last month - i got passport photos at the photo place - called photo fever, not photo forever as erroneously listed by the moco show page you link to

    those passport photos are now in canada, soon to be part of a ten-years-valid passport - because i am receiving it in the states, the price is one hundred dollars more for it than if i had a canadian mailing address - why do they charge so much extra? because they can, maybe

    the cardinal came to sunday mass at our parish yesterday, but spouse and self are on a break from the choir, so we watched it on youtube - we ourselves never saw his predecessor in person at st. r___ of l___ - but the archbishop before that came to a mass we sang at once - "uncle ted" had been a mentor to our pastor, and came to the mass celebrating the 25th anniversary of our pastor's ordination - ted's been retired for a while, but he's been on the national news recently as a defendant

    been in the national news recently because of a historic court appearance in massachusetts