Friday, November 19, 2021

whirling in a spangled frenzy toward a riddle and a doom

I'd typed a full description of a happy and surprisingly kind and generous event aimed at me at work, me, who strives for invisibility then resents my invisibility at work, it reminded me how often wrong I am (I am not Data and Lor's father) and always sideways in my perpetual dark anger, momentarily broke my perpetual dark anger and reminded me, laughingly, how dependent I am on my perpetual dark anger for self-definition.

Description deleted, perpetual dark anger back. Angry links below harvested before the happy interlude, even if I'd kept the not dark and angry description of a happy event I'd have given you the dark and angry links, fine metaphors abound (lame TNG allusions too), fuck me

The resources of reaction
Liberalism, Racism, and the White Unconscious
M***********g Democrats
are our shitlords' most m************g weapon
M***********g Republicans
M***********g Democrats
Welcome to the quagmire
Democrats and Republicans both work for shitlords
This m***********g country
Imagine the worseSay "corruption" in English?
Meta-moves and cancel culture
Disclosure: above written by a friend
Avedon Carol's occasional links
Ten questions ignored by philosophy
Johannes Göransson interview
Alice Notley reading!More New York School news
Beckett on richter scaleOn Dara
The Argument is 20 (and I miss Fort Reno shows)
But I don't want to post a Fugazi song, I am often wrong and always sideways in my comfortable snuggable dark anger, it pleases me how angry it made me at me when I tried to listen to my Dischord compilation two weeks ago and failed it completely


James Tate

All the sexually active people in Westport
look so clean and certain, I wonder
if they’re dead. Their lives are tennis
without end, the avocado-green Mercedes
waiting calm as you please. Perhaps it is
my brain that is unplugged, and these
shadow-people don’t know how to drink
martinis anymore. They are suddenly and
mysteriously not in the least interested
in fornicating with strangers. Well,
there are a lot of unanswered questions
here, and certainly no dinner invitations
where a fella could probe Buffy‘s inner-
mush, a really complicated adventure,
in a 1930ish train station, outlandish
bouquets, a poisonous insect found
burrowing its way through the walls
of the special restaurant and into one
of her perfect nostrils—she was reading
Meetings with Remarkable Men, needing
succor, dreaming of a village near Bosnia,
when a clattering of carts broke her thoughts—
“Those billy goats and piglets, they are
all so ephemeral ...” But now, in Westport
Connecticut, a boy, a young man really,
looking as if he had just come through
a carwash, and dressed for the kind of success
that made her girlfriends froth and lather,
can be overheard speaking to no one
in particular: “That Paris Review crowd,
I couldn’t tell if they were bright
or just overbred.” Whereupon Buffy swings
into action, pinning him to the floor:
“I will unglue your very being from this
planet, if ever ...” He could appreciate
her sincerity, not to mention her spiffy togs.
Didymus the Blind has put three dollars
on Total Departure, and I am tired of pumping
my own gas. I’m Lewis your aluminum man,
and we are whirling in a spangled frenzy toward
a riddle and a doom—here’s looking up

your old address.

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  1. speaking of gurdjieff's somewhat autobiographical book meetings with remarkable men, as tate's poem does, wikiquote gives us g's definition of a remarkable man:

    From my point of view, he can be called a remarkable man who stands out from those around him by the resourcefulness of his mind, and who knows how to be restrained in the manifestations which proceed from his nature, at the same time conducting himself justly and tolerantly towards the weaknesses of others.