Sunday, November 14, 2021

Careening Over the Highway in My Lightweight Japanese Death Star

In my new car's console I've a GbV rune and a WFMU woof-moo bumpersticker but haven't me-branded the car yet, I think about it then decide no

This reflects no changed feelings towards GbV or WFMU, both continue to get monthly donations, clang clang ho

Doesn't reflect fear of jinxing the new car, I've jinxed this car because I don't want to drive a spaceship and I'll never find as basic a new car again, I like it, just run and play music

What percentage of humans who saw the GbV rune and woof-moo stickers (and muted trumpet and osprey wings stickers) on my dead subaru's ass (a) knew what they represented then (b) felt that sad tiny tribal tingle?

The new car a silver car and the black and white GbV rune and WFMU woof-moo bumpersticker, if and when I apply them, won't pop against the silver versus the dead black, this might have small impact on my delay, today in me and my complicity

If I had some place to move the stuff to I'd love to get everything I've accumulated at work and empty myself of the building but for the forty hours, one of inity things typed but classified, forbidden to be posted here, nine-tenths of what I type now

Why individualize my new car when I won't individualize this shitty blog the way I want despite the hundreds of hours a year I waste not individualizing this shitty blog

The new silver car is a sedan, I've a trunk, after a month I haven't used it for useless storage yet, the thing I find in a new car that I had to have left there at least six months ago makes the new car old not the muddy floor mats after a hike in the rain

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Rebecca Wolff

Careening over the
highway in
my lightweight
Death Star
buffeted by the great and powerful
icy winds
of winter warming
cold air with hot air
under it
accordion pleats
of natural disaster
my disaster
in the past if you were to say to me
or to rage at me
in a poem
about America I would charge you
a great failure
to even use the word. It is
this land is suffering because poets—
their great cohort—
I look twice
to save lives.


  1. see also

    Nils Lofgren - Like a Hurricane (Extended version)

  2. 1/rebecca wolff mentions a poem about America - here's one by jeannette c. armstrong, okanagan, born 1948

    History Lesson

    by Jeannette C. Armstrong

    Out of the belly of Christopher’s ship
    a mob bursts
    Running in all directions
    Pulling furs off animals
    Shooting buffalo
    Shooting each other
    left and right

    Father mean well
    waves his makeshift wand
    forgives saucer-eyed Indians

    Red coated knights
    gallop across the prairie
    to get their men
    and to build a new world

    Pioneers and traders
    bring gifts
    Smallpox, Seagrams
    and Rice Krispies

    Civilization has reached
    the promised land.

    Between the snap crackle pop
    of smoke stacks
    and multi-coloured rivers
    swelling with flower powered zee
    are farmers sowing skulls and bones
    and miners
    pulling from gaping holes
    green paper faces of
    smiling English Lady

    The colossi
    in which they trust
    while burying
    breathing forests and fields
    beneath concrete and steel stands
    shaking fists
    waiting to mutilate
    whole civilization
    ten generations at a blow.

    Somewhere among the remains
    of skinless animals
    is the termination
    to a long journey
    and unholy search
    for the power
    glimpsed in a garden
    forever closed
    forever lost.

    1.1/the importance of religious assumptions to the encounter between the europeans and the indegenous peoples of the americas is mentioned at the end - in a recently homily at the parish i attend - by youtube, these days - the argentinian priest was discussing the garden of eden

    1.2/as i read armstrong's poem i wonder what zee means - in searching for an answer i identified someone who might be able to tell me - the inquiry has been sent