Friday, December 31, 2021

Kept in Its Drawer of Old-World Harrowing

Humans, on hikes in the woods on public lands with their dogs, will bag up their dog's shit even though they're in the woods and the dog shat off the trail and then leave the bag next to the trail for someone else to pick up, what a top shelf metaphor for such a shitty species, this from yesterday on Mink Hollow Trail in Moco:

“The fools who still want to recycle their toothbrushes and plant apple trees. Let them turn the lights off or never turn them on, it can’t matter now.”

From Joy Williams' *Harrow,* between Everett's *The Trees* and Williams' *Harrow* my fat complicit white ass been kicked for the fat complicit white ass I am. I've made conscious choices I thought conscientious, especially over the past year, deliberate choices in my consumer behavior regarding what and where I buy, what I eat, where we hike (we hike Moco so much so as not to drive more than we need to to enjoy the woods, trip to Maine notwithstanding), I am pleased to be raked by Williams as she tractor-drags a harrow across my fat complicit white ass just after being lynched with barbed wire by Everett. Mink Hollow blazed yellow:

When the cat insurrection gets to Kensington I hope my seven cats will ask that my execution be quick and merciful
The species that defined 2021
I scream at you to stop eating animals not because it will save the world but because stop torturing animals for your dining pleasure but you are correct even if every carnivore agreed to stop and stopped it's too fucking late anyway
Shitlords don't care if you die as long as you go to work and if you don't go to work they want you to die
Shitlords profit from inflation because of course they do
Shitlords profit from your immiseration
Shitlords profit from inflation because of course they do
Because war with China and Russia not enough war
"Evolution remains little understood and/or deliberately misunderstood" (D2E/O, yo)
Cracker informs family CRT has spread to his liver
Crackers are evil but Democrats are the enemy
Top Ten 2021 essays from The Point
An email I just wrote to a student worker:
Hi, I'm not sure when a decision will be made but it will be made at least one level above me and most likely not until next Tuesday at the earliest. I hope and will advocate that students be given option of not working until returning to campus late January but as the person responsible logistically for making the department run I've just started thinking about this and all that needs to be thought through just at my level whatever decision is made keeps growing. It might be a week or so.... Hope fun is being had on your break
Our shitlords want covid to be forever
Burdened by books
"No apology for cuteness:" on Gil Orlovitz
Wrote this before I finished *Harrow:* Pleased to say I miss Big Blue Bible and worry I need get back to it soon, I will as soon as I finish Williams' *Harrow* I want the novels I read to interrogate (the second novel in a row I choose that word) my faith and my faith in my not faith
Anne Carson interview! Her *H of H Playbook* my favorite read and favorite object of 2021
On really cold winter days in high school we'd smoke our dope in the laundry rooms of these apartments
You get George's New Year song a day early this year


Lucie Brock-Broido

If my own voice falters, tell them hubris was my way of adoring you.
The hollow of the hulk of you, so feverish in life, cut open,

Reveals ten thousand rags of music in your thoracic cavity.
The hands are received bagged and examination reveals no injury.

Winter then, the body is cold to the touch, unplunderable,
                                 Kept in its drawer of old-world harrowing.

Teeth in fair repair. Will you be buried where; nowhere.

Your mouth a globe of gauze and glossolalia.
And opening, most delft of blue,
                                                                  Your heart was a mess—

A mob of hoofprints where the skittish colts first learned to stand,
Catching on to their agility, a shock of freedom, wild-maned.

The eyes have hazel irides and the conjunctivae are pale,

With hemorrhaging. One lung, smaller, congested with rose smoke.
The other, filled with a swarm of massive sentimentia.

                                                                   I adore you more. I know
The wingspan of your voice, whole gorgeous flock of harriers,

Cannot be taken down. You would like it now, this snow, this hour.
                                 Your visitation here tonight not altogether unexpected.

The night-laborers, immigrants all, assemble here, aching for to speaking, longing for work.

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