Wednesday, January 19, 2022

A Game Devised to Avoid Profound Spiritual Questions

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Louise Glück

The Greeks are sitting on the beach
wondering what to do when the war ends. No one
wants to go home, back
to that bony island; everyone wants a little more
of what there is in Troy, more
life on the edge, that sense of every day as being
packed with surprises. But how to explain this
to the ones at home to whom
fighting a war is a plausible
excuse for absence, whereas
exploring one’s capacity for diversion
is not. Well, this can be faced
later; these
are men of action, ready to leave
insight to the women and children.
Thinking things over in the hot sun, pleased
by a new strength in their forearms, which seem
more golden than they did at home, some
begin to miss their families a little,
to miss their wives, to want to see
if the war has aged them. And a few grow
slightly uneasy: what if war
is just a male version of dressing up,
a game devised to avoid
profound spiritual questions? Ah,
but it wasn’t only the war. The world had begun
calling them, an opera beginning with the war’s
loud chords and ending with the floating aria of the sirens.
There on the beach, discussing the various
timetables for getting home, no one believed
it could take ten years to get back to Ithaca;
no one foresaw that decade of insoluble dilemmas—oh unanswerable
affliction of the human heart: how to divide
the world’s beauty into acceptable
and unacceptable loves! On the shores of Troy,
how could the Greeks know
they were hostages already: who once
delays the journey is
already enthralled; how could they know
that of their small number
some would be held forever by the dreams of pleasure,
some by sleep, some by music?


  1. i listened to 'beyond the valley of a day in the life'

    a few days ago i quoted an early beatles song to missus charley - 'do you want to know a secret' - she was not familiar with it - i said it was george harrison's first recorded lead vocal - and wikipedia shows it is indeed among the first - also on the same album and earlier in the playing order was 'chains', a goffin/king song - as long as it has been since i heard 'do you want to know a secret', i had never heard the original 'chains' that the beatles covered - until now - thank you youtube

  2. Where we lost...

    "Under these conditions, the [insert child, doctor, human] trained with kindness, expertise and encouragement is a willing, equal participant in the action."