Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Black Feathers with Small Red Heads

The laser surgery done, the bigass doorjamb they put on my eye to stop me blinking weird but ok, completely painless, slight headache after, slight feeling the water pressure in each eye has changed if not lessened, the point of the surgery so maybe wishful imaginings. Will need more because cataracts expanding and scrunching shut more drain valves, when do I need my cataracts out, I asked, eyedoc who's not pushing NOW! unlike with the glaucoma, eyedoc said you'll not need to physically until you're in your seventies if you let me laser you to compensate for their growth until then, and deal

Sarek's bendii has eased, he's moved from the marble bed to mattress, awooga disengaged, trigger-ready. Mattress in a facility I delivered RX to for Wheaton Pharmacy multiple times each shift (if you are standing square in middle of University and Georgia the far right store on Georgia north of University, now a mattress store (true), also too the road I live on in the house we bought 29 years ago on the road I delivered drugs to four days a week forty years ago, on Monday and Wednesday the whack husband screamed at me, on Tuesdays and Thursdays the whack wife had me leave the drugs in a flowerpot at the end of the driveway while she watched from behind a bush at the side of the house), weird

I guarantee you any number of digital pints the shitlords' sharpest liberal-whisperer ventroloquist algorithmists thinking, why not this guy rather than Harris? The local helmetball team rebranding as the Rykers, the Washington Rykers, a beardless Ryker representing the years Next Gen sucked on one side of the helmet, a bearded Ryker for the years Next Gen mediocre, new name, new logo, if the local helmetball team goes with Washington Doorjambs as long as they darken home shirts to true burgundy and bring back the dull gold pants and keep both Rykers on the helmet I will give the team's shitlord owner three seconds of begrudged credit

Prediction: the Rykers' three stars on jersey they will claim stand for Super Bowl victories, I just put in my eyes this drug and this drug and this drug and this drug and for my heart everyday i swallow this drug and this drug and this drug and for my conscious I stopped buying water in plastic and aluminum containers and haven't saved the world yet. I see doorjambs every day, Library lavatories doors doorjambed open in time of plague

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Maya C Popa

Since the wind knocked down power lines
and lightning set a birch aflame
from within, three turkey vultures roost
along the topmost branches,
matted black feathers with small red heads,
unfortunate harbingers of death,
though really, almost comically alive—
hunched as though deciding
some minor point before slipping off
on the umbrellas of their wings to rid
the roads of evidence of violence not theirs.


  1. 1/glad you're back and that your dad is a apparently a bit more comfortable

    2/i read the thomas homer-dixon article warning of the dangers to canada that the american political situation poses which ian welsh points to - i also thought that "form a committee" was weak tea, but maybe it's a step in the right direction, whatever that is - deciding what that is is the job of the proposed all-party parliamentary committee

    2.5/homer-dixon's article was pointed at, and disparaged by, some of the influencers at naked capitalism - today i posted there

    re “The American Republic Is Not Exceptional”

    In my view, a key point Charley Pierce makes here is, after listing a number of assaults on the U.S. electoral system going back to the Supreme Court’s selection of Bush —

    "Is it any wonder that so many of our fellow citizens feel content to hand wave the crimes of the last administration as just another episode that we somehow survived because of the awesome awesomeness of our system of government, rather than noticing that the whole foundation has been crumbling for decades?

    There is no question that this complacency in the face of genuine threats has been abetted by an elite political media drunk on the idea of false consensus and a stubborn belief that political reporting a) should be apolitical, and/or b) never do anything that might disturb this poisoned peace."

    Combined with the strategery around facilitating the removal of local officials and the overturning of results by state legislatures, and the wide acceptance of the Big Lie about the Stolen Election*, I think concerns about the fate of Our Republic – as recently expressed by Thomas Homer-Dixon, for example – are not overblown.

    *Believed by my own brother, for example, a kind, intelligent, public-spirited, Bible-believing man who watches Fox News and reads the Epoch Times – and there are millions like him.

    2.5/i posted there

    1. in the comments at his piece at the globe and mail, thomas homer-dixon said:

      As I wrote, I knew the individual points weren't enough in themselves to justify the claim I was making in the opening sentences, but when taken together they created a compelling argument supporting that claim. And I think that's one reason many people aren't recognizing the danger in the US; they're seeing bits and pieces of the picture, but not the whole thing.

      I'd originally planned to spend more words detailing recommendations for Canada, but as I wrote I realized that I needed, first, to carefully build the "case" that there's a substantial likelihood of a collapse of democracy in the US. Otherwise people could say--legitimately--that I was simply being alarmist. (Of course, some people will say that anyway, but they're the ones who generally won't bother to read the full article or respond to its specific arguments.)

      More detailed recommendations will follow in a later article; I'm getting lots of helpful advice on that front already.