Monday, April 4, 2022

Baffled in Such Toils of Ease

  • At Hilltop now a covid, flu, and strep outbreak
  • Two weeks ago the mask mandate lifted as did mandatory covid testing for undergraduates
  • 80% of people on campus maskless, all aware of the covid, flu, and strep outbreak
  • Myself and my colleagues wear masks because one of us is six months pregnant and worries
  • Our boss doesn't, sits in small enclosed rooms with us
  • My colleagues are livid at boss and I am livid for them
  • Key component of our shitlord ordered daily reprogramming
  • requires lucratively rewarded amoral shitlord psy-op savants rewiring us
  • to ignore the personal livid for seething hatred
  • against anything and anybody and everything but shitlords
  • Did you know that Disney is Communist?
  • I will ask my boss in our weekly one-on-one to wear a mask at least in the presence of the one of us who is pregnant
  • I'm not hopeful I won't have to write about it without some increase to my personal lividity, revolution!

Can't buy hummus at student union with dollar bills
Have I ever mentioned that helmetball in general and my local helmetball team in particular is the single best fine fucking metaphor for the United Shitlords of America?
Rehabilitation of fascism:"I believe that the western hegemonic domination of internet platforms has provided a new means to control propaganda but the technology itself has played a role in the manufacturing of a of particular western delusion in its users and audience. It is also, at the same time, manufacturing a new kind of delusional ruling class, and this tiny strata of extreme wealth is more psychologically deformed than any Caligula or Ludwig in history."
Genome-wide association studies are the social sciences’ new magical hammer
A follow-up interview on the above
There is a reason Hilltop University investing in a geriatric research and harvesting farm
Imagine this motherfucker bitching about drug prices
Did Hillary Clinton just release white smoke that Democrats can start calling crackers Crackers?
Yes, she confirmed Democrats will soft-run against crackers (after complaining you suck for thinking professional Democrats suck)
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Remembering Richard Howard
A paragon of erudition and a vital poet
Richard Howard interview


Richard Howard

It is the movement that incites the form,
discovered as a downward rapture--yes,
it is the movement that delights the form,
sustained by its own velocity. And yet

it is the movement that delays the form
while darkness slows and encumbers; in fact
it is the movement that betrays the form,
baffled in such toils of ease, until

it is the movement that deceives the form,
beguiling our attention--we supposed
it is the movement that achieves the form.
Were we mistaken?What does it matter if

it is the movement that negates the form?
Even though we give (give up) ourselves
to this mortal process of continuing,
it is the movement that creates the form.


  1. If by yinz ye mean Sylvania. As a former fanatic for the Midway Monsters, I got over helmetball (perfect name) when Dave Duerson shot himself in the chest. My own complicity requires I thank you kindly for your service.