Monday, April 11, 2022

Hooked Forever Because We Heard It, Maybe, Once

  • My wife and daughter, Sunday evening April 10, Grass Lake, Michigan
  • I type this Monday the 11th in the AirBNB on Coon Hill Road just northeast of Jackson where we stay when visiting our daughter, the wifi still blows, the house on well-water so the shower has no pressure, the only comfortable chair made of fake leather, but an old schoolhouse turned into a simple two bedroom house with big kitchen at a great location on the edge of the Waterloo Recreation Area three miles from the Waterloo-Pinckney Trail's western trailhead otherwise perfect
  • My wearing a mask in the back-road local store to buy a six-pack of beer didn't garner the attention my WFMU sweatshirt did

  • faggot I was called as I walked out that door
  • whereas when I bought an eighth of an ounce of Durban Poison (100% sativa, totally organic) at Winewood Organics in Ann Arbor the two store employees and other customer all loved the sweatshirt
  • One benefit of shitty wifi: easier to avoid the temptation to surf the clusterfuck, no link-farming yet, I have neither plans to or plans not to, I'm on vacation and will do or not do what I want and I *do* want to post this new thing from Alexa
  • Mocomofos, DCers, Novas, let me tell you three times (no one, no one gets this Vollmann allusion though I will use it the rest of my life), the weed in Michigan is four times as fresh and four times as dank and four times as clean and four times as kabong at *half* the price of gifted DC weed, let me know if you want me to bring any back for you, laugh
  • UPDATE: Vouch, below and above
  • Rest in Peace, Chris Bailey:


Stephen Dunn

They've all done it - 
argued the good case
that couldn't be won
until they died
     and even then
the world goes on
so imperceptibly changed.

The dictator, the torturer
always return,
     give birth
to the knives 
that slit their throats,
always remind us
what we love....

we, on the sidelines,
for the useless truth,
hooked forever
because we heard it, maybe,

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  1. the disciple asked the teacher, if there are always ten thousand invisible saints doing god's will on earth, why is humankind so cast down?

    the teacher replied, without their efforts, humankind would not be so cast down - humankind would be extinct