Monday, May 30, 2022

Testing Your Smile That Ripened into Catastrophe

L got a spot in a big deal plein air event in Ellicott City weekend after next, we scouted yesterday, first time there since the second catastrophic flood (there are these everywhere) 

charming tiny unique ancient spooky place, not back yet from the floods (and probably never will be), Dead store gone (was after first catastrophic flood) though there is a bong shop near the train station

Tomorrow BLCKDGRD Bleggalgazing Day so links today before too stale, yes, people in Howard County call themselves Hocos, laugh, don't know there will be a bleggalgaze (especially compared to last year's) but guarantee two theme songs and one Guy Beneath the Seats skit

Laugh, replying with a photo to a friend who has an Elkin *George Mills* with cover from same Warner mass market editions of his novels, how did the artist know to use Ted Cruz as model for Leo in the clown suit in 1980
On the internet we are always living in the past
Communism, the Manifesto, and Hate
All igspay lieList w no name 67
Saving lives is *not* what igspay do
Foreign wars make Americans feel great!
Monkey poxmania!We don't live in a society
White supremacy is, essentially, an ecosystem built around the idea of never having to fight fair
Racism and violence start from the top
The almighty gunCops lie, kids die
Did Elites really take over identity politics?
FRESH HELLStill the king of cracker whisperers, he's running
Kayfabe populismMaggie's weekly
Big gods and big societies? Closure?
Doomsday DJ: Dave Foley interview
Counter-comediansPrivatized child prison is the dream
It's 10PM: Do you know where your cat is?
{ feuilleton }'s weeklyBiden in Uvalde
The Bittersweet Ballad of Karen Dalton


Weldon Kees

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