Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Nothing Happened at All So My Bells Are Ringing

David Thomas, 69 today, Pere Ubu and his other projects one of two SINCE DAY ONE permanent spots in My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game (Kate Bush, laugh, the other, people can vouch I heard of Kate Bush before 2022). 

Above song from the Fontana years, the second Ubu, my second favorite Ubu, below from the Modern Era (these are Thomas' names of the five, not mine), my favorite Ubu, and this the best album cover ever (anyone who knows me knows why)

Below from the Orange Period Ubu, my third favorite Ubu

Below from the The Dark Room Ubu, my fifth favorite Ubu

Below from the Historical Era Ubu, my fourth favorite Ubu

>>Deleted MSADI5Gaze<< 

Below is this shitty-blog's Theme Song Two (I can no longer name all ten off the top of my head, much less in order (>>Deleted this Shitty-Blogs Theme Songs Gaze<<), live from Rock and Roll Hotel, 2013, Alexa, Hamster, and Richard can vouch

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  1. "Wasted" reminds me of this:
    Congrats to L, btw.