Thursday, July 7, 2022

Two Negative Numbers Multiplied by Rain into Oranges and Olives

Olive wants to be adored but refuses to sit still for adoration, she mickmocks for touch but slinks when touched, more mink than cat. People already weary of hating motherfucking Democrats, even those scheduled for obamapostasies tomorrow. Fucker's called Newsom and told him to shut the fuck up or else, I bet you any number of digital pints. Someone tweeted the animated corpse of Bill Reilly raging at a Pritzger, governor of Illinois? possible primary challenger to the corpse of Joe Biden, pretending 2024's election hasn't already happened. Do you know people think John Fetterman will save you? One of my daughter's favorite bands - and I vouch too - has a new single out ahead of an October album release

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(Gavin Newman and J.B. Pritzker won't either)
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Pollard interviewI needed post today because I can't tomorrow and Saturday is one of two posts a year not tagged my complicity
The 1972 report that warned about civilization's collapse
The indescribable glory of trains


Jane Hirshfield

Lie down, you are horizontal.
Stand up, you are not.

I wanted my fate to be human.

Like a perfume
that does not choose the direction it travels,
that cannot be straight or crooked, kept out or kept.

—a day, a life, slips through them,
taking off the third skin,
taking off the fourth.

And the logic of shoes becomes at last simple,
an animal question, scuffing.

Old shoes, old roads—
the questions keep being new ones.
Like two negative numbers multiplied by rain
into oranges and olives.

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  1. 1/that's a photo of a good-looking cat

    2/from the "limits of growth" retrospective interview at wired:

    WIRED: 50 years on from the original report, are we on the right course as a species?

    CAP: No, if you look at the reality. [...]

    But there are also good reasons for optimism of the will. And those reasons are possibly less obvious, less evident, less in the headlines in the media and elsewhere. We definitely think there is an ongoing cultural change often hidden in plain sight. Many are experimenting, often at the community level, trying to find their own pathways towards that balance of well-being within a healthy biosphere. A change that brings hope to me is the change in the status of women, the increasing roles of women. And I would say that if you look at what’s happening with the younger generations, there is a big change as well.

    So politically, at the level of corporations, at the official level, things are going pretty much in the wrong direction. Culturally, below the line, my bet is that a lot of things are happening in the good direction. The human revolution is already happening—it's just that we don't see it. And maybe it's good that we don't see it yet, until the very moment where it makes a lot of things shift.

    2.5/as yogi berra may have said, you never know when something surprising might happen