Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Waituntil Owait, There's Nountil

L gives me access to her gouaches

might try tonight if I overcome my hesitancy towards disloyalty to my watercolors and inks, and the fuck?

I'm writing in tablet? I'm halfway through a novel I don't enjoy but think important re: our endtime and collective sociopathic descent into, I grabbed a novel by an author the cool kids yabber about, an internal dialogue by the author about the author's inability to start a life's writing project (as opposed to Gass's gass who can't finish a project). The first accuses me of full complicit participant in our shared approaching apocalypse, the second accuses me of full complicit participant in my own approaching apocalypse. Do I want to read the duh, no matter what an achievement duh's depiction is, on clusterfuck's duh or a wannabe author's self-loathing duhful murnane-ing exploration of his inadequacy? You guess. O! Then there's Maine

Happy 90th birthday to my dad! 

I only wear red in the woods and only wear red in the woods for L

2022 JULY 19

Jeff Popovich

I’ve beenwriting intablet with notfountain pens
Whatever I’ve been doing to my body’s kicking in
I amthe metaphorborn nineteenfiftynine
I’mslothrup I keptup pace
Waituntil owait, there’s nountil