Monday, August 22, 2022

I Met a Dying Man and I Said Me Too

Books acquired this August through purchase and/or requesting at the library I work in, fuck me:

  1. Robert Coover: A Child Again
  2. Adam Levin: Mount Chicago
  3. Alice Notley: The Descent of Alette
  4. Helen Dewitt: Lightning Rods
  5. Lance Olson: Dreamlives of Debris
  6. Jana Prikryl: No Matter - Poems
  7. Vladimir Sorokin: Telluria
  8. UPDATE - just added - I will not be reading the copy of Anna Burns' *Milkman,* just handed me in my office

Books read this August:

I am happy, I hike with L, I monitor the clusterfuck for angry giggles and as excuse and justification for gardening this fucking blog, I make things, obsessively at the moment, I will burn out, I can't blame my eyes I'm not reading or writing (that is, writing anywhere but here where the Fuck It reigns), the woods have toggled, leaf-dying season's started, I'm not fuming I'm not reading or writing but I (am fascinated by watercolors' washes) should at least stop buying/acquiring more books I'll not read, I can't bring myself to move the dead on blogrolls to purgatories, a positive sign of sorts plus other fine metaphors abound, made a third thing of two things

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[I Met a Dying Man]

Diane Seuss

I met a man a dying man and I said me too.
Met a dead man and I said me too. Must be
dead cuz the living can’t meet the dead and he
said me too. Did you know the dead can fall
in love he said. Fact. Did you know the dead
fall in love better than the living cuz nothing
left to lose. The root of all blues. Skeptical still
I strode onward in my seven-league boots as in
the fairy tale “Hop-o’-My-Thumb” from a book
of German fairy tales given to me when I had
chicken pox. Scratching myself bloody, the ogre
gored to death by wild beasts. Seven leagues per
stride toward a dead banjo player in a bad
mood. Enchanteur. Or zauberhaft in German.

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