Sunday, August 28, 2022

Implied, Let Me Spare You the Inferring

Apt on the 27th to discover my Shitlord Free Blogging Platform *and* my Shitlord Paid Blogging Platform *and* my Shitlord Owned Scanner-Printer don't do canvasses bigger than 8.5 by 11 for shit, laugh, here's the head of a three part self-portrait at sixty-three, the rest of my body will be repurposed just as our shitlords' actuaries' algorithms insist for my age and pay grade

I do not suggest a philosophy
lurks behind my painting:
I am going blind, dulling colors,
why color primary, take
my glasses off to see color
while I can. Same with my
poetry, which I don't write
anymore, no sophisticated
epistemology implied,
let me spare you inferring
The more I paint the more I mute
me, visualizing saying
now that saying's obsolete

1 comment:

  1. 1/ our friends at wikipedia tell us [Singer/guitarist of Archers of Loaf Eric] Bachmann has stated in interviews that his thought processes around the band have changed over time and that his relationships with the older material are also different: "Essentially, before, when I was a 20-year-old kid playing that stuff, I got some sense of satisfaction or power. I felt confident playing in front of people. Now I don't feel that satisfaction or that power," he said. "The reward I get now is I'm going out and people are enjoying hearing it. My relationship had to change with the songs, and in that light I like all of them."

    2/also about changes over time:

    3/Someone once told me that the basic assumptions of the mystical world view are

    i/the universe is here on purpose
    ii/humankind has, or could have, some connection with that purpose
    iii/it is possible to improve your ability to perceive and cooperate with that purpose, in the place and time you find yourself