Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The Great Complacency of Summer Pressing Down

  1. As I type this sentence on Monday August 8, 2022 at 7:10pm EDT my twitter feed is lit with news that Trump just announced the FBI is raiding Trump's palace in Florida
  2. My beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents, he fumed in an official statement, followed exactly by the version of history and his persecution that he absolutely believes to be true that you would expect, plus with some wonderful one-liners such as, They Even Broke Into My Safe!
  3. The magameltdown will be epic, but if you think Liberal hippie punching was bad before....
  4. I wonder if Roe stood Trump's warrant would be served, culture wars are good for rent extractions but corporate underestimated corporate's control over its rabid dog Crackers? (or is this a biscuit for it's rabid dog Crackers) (death to the either/or)
  5. Earlier yesterday before the FBI broke into Trump's safe the Post broke a story that Trump wanted his generals to be as loyal as Hitlers and one of Trump's generals told Trump Hitler's generals tried to kill Hitler three times
  6. Do I keep jeffhead or switch to jeffflag, latest below (I will keep jeffhead and separate tag flag and regret I did not think of jeffflag first, I would have once but I'm old, at least nobody with a warrant broke into the safe I do not own)
  7. Meanwhile, round and round, up and down, in the streets of my town: Regretfully, I email today to make the community aware of hateful and dangerous flyers that were posted in St. Paul Park overnight: Two fliers, with a hateful, racist message, were found in St. Paul Park, one affixed to the communications box near Oberon Street and one affixed to the front of the fire truck apparatus in the playground. Both were found this morning around 7:30am and removed. However, this brings another note of awful caution. Both of these fliers were affixed with razor blades attached to the corners, under the flyer, in an attempt to harm whomever may go to remove them. Fortunately, there were no injuries to the community members who removed the fliers.
  8. My chromebook updated and now twitter and evernote and gmail toggle to black screen white type at 8PM EDT, in other tech news I now have free access to acrobat and its many menus but to use as I'd want I'd need a real PC with more oomph and then I'd have to teach myself how to use programs I'll never use, I can toggle myself between black and white on this chromebook to do what I what the fuck I fuck the what
  9. Fuck it, jeffflags it is on *this* shitsite

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Blog dayziest blog days of summer ever, at this not-pace I'll need open a new moribund mortuary by the end of August (this supposes a damn to weed and transplant I do not at the moment have)


Jana Prikryl

Out of the sheath dress
gently hopping, sparrow in the lot below
in the great complacency of summer
pressing down, waves of it
what can the plants do but endure this closeness
the trees, their varieties, and ivy, nameless shrubs
and hedges, no one speaks their names
only flowers get that nod and certain grasses
so that when a day of cooler breath in July
airs out the neighborhood you feel
for a moment the rustling in lindens, oaks, sycamores
as they sense what's been withheld
for months, that's when the mature ones
rustle it off, slip almost
sexily out of that dress, unbearable
to feel such potential against one's skin


  1. "Pelosi Plays with Fire Like a Bull in a China Shop" - ed rampell's essay is striking in its use of mixed metaphor

  2. 1/if the internet is not what i think it is, then what is it, really, at least in the opinion of justin e. h. smith, who has written a book portentously subtitled a history, a philosophy, a warning?

    i heard of this book through the internet, and placed a request to have a chance to read it through the website of the m_________ county public libraries, and when they send me an email about it i will go to pick up the physical object at the g___________ library

    this is a long way of working up to saying "thank you for mentioning it"

    2/missus charley continues in her paid employment, most of the time here at home, although she is now nominally required to go in to the office at least once per week - so we typically have lunch together, often viewing something informative or entertaining

    2.4/this week we are viewing the video trilogy "into the arctic: an artist's journey to the north" - cory trépanier's documentation of his trips to the canadian artic to paint en plein air


    2.5/reading the comments at youtube this morning, i learned that trépanier died last november, at age 52


    2.7/seeing the scale of the canadian wilderness strengthens my belief that life on earth will change, but go on, no matter what people do or don't do

    2.99/as irving berlin - russian born songwriter, whose biographical entry at wikipedia may be interesting to some - might have written - god bless north america, land that we love, stand beside her and guide her through the Night with the Light from Above [metaphorically speaking]