Thursday, August 11, 2022

A System of Nitrates and Something Wankers Would Call "a Philosophy"

I remember why I (never settled on a name for what I am doing) quit making things with other things than words, I like making things with other things than words more than making things with words though I still like making things with words but not as much as making things without words and what I make without words will be about what I make with words and visa versa but when I make things I've never settled on a name for what I'm doing it gets closer to what I mean than what I make with words

Flooding in the Sacrifice Zone
Borial forests nearing the tipping point
Climate imperialism in the 21st century
Fining the poor instead of taxing the rich
Hot takes on Dark Brandon phenomenology
Dark Brandon surprised when NPR-historians tell him about American fascists
The ever-changing lexicon of the obscene
How he missed the midnight sun
Incredibly bad news: Number One Sons closing
Reminder: I do think of each post as a poem and make it as such
The story of feminist punk in 33 songs
Deathcamp Meetcute (a very short story)
We hiked w Hamster past Saturday, in his Nats hat he looks like Kurt Wagner
Hey! Have another new Lambchop song


Sean Bonney

These days everyone is writing their final book. Whatever. I've lost everything as well. My body is made up of three needles, several coins, a system of nitrates and something wankers would call "a philosophy." I see in the dark and like to smash mirrors. For many other people things are far worse. I roam around town reciting an old poem by Anita Berber: CORPSE. KNIFE. CORPSE. KNIFE. LIGHT. There are moments each evening when I think I can see that light. It shines in all the rooms I've lived in, all the rooms and cities that we have always loved always despised. COINS. MIRRORS. LIGHT

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  1. 1/i don't recall having heard of anita berber before

    the wikipedia article about her says that the band 'death in vegas' named a song for her on the album satan's circus which is often used on the npr show this american life

    2/earlier today i posted a comment at the website of the uk tabloid daily mail

    Lessons in Chemistry FIRST LOOK: Brie Larson sports 1960s era costume as she begins filming Apple TV+ drama

    back in the 1960s i knew a girl who got a B in a college math course when she got A's on all the tests the professor said he didn't give A's as a final grade to girls because it would only encourage them to go to grad school and then when they got married it would waste all the time spent educating them - i told her she should complain but i don't think she did

    3/today i learned from the daily mail that paul mccartney's brother in law and music lawyer john eastman has died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 83 - i left a comment but it was not allowed through