Sunday, August 14, 2022

We Mocked Their Greatest Poet and When That Had No Effect We Parodied the Way They Dance Which Did Cause Pain

Full disclosure: these *are* watercolor and ink and pencil on either regular graph paper or regular watercolor paper (Arches, yes, fuck me, the block does keep the paper from warping when drying), but to capture a closer image to what they look like wet (versus what they look like dry) I scan the dried on the office scanner/printer and enhance the colors using souped-up saturation and souped-up vividness and souped-up sharpness and souped-up resolution, I don’t consider this cheating given the limited skills of the artist for anything but lines and color but think I should mention it in case *you* think it’s cheating, fine metaphors abound

In any case, I haven't enjoyed making things as much as I have the past two weeks since the last time I enjoyed making things however long ago that was
The surprising sophisticated mind of an insect
Modern US warmongering worrying Henry Kissinger?
The seductions of declinism
The religious origins of American liberalism
(if paywalled and you want a pdf send me an email)
How Marxism solves today's greatest mystery in the WWE?
For a Marxism w/o guarantees - Stuart Hall
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Avedon Carol's occasional links
The stories we tell ourselves about the apocalypse
Revery: transcendenceThe posture of things
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Postmodernism: a very short introduction
Story of the CranesClarice Lispector
Telluria again, mine should get here next week, will start just after I finish - get this, me - Bernhard's *Concrete,* it makes me laugh out loud, laugh
Laugh, me thinking I can read thousand page novels with my eyes, I just ordered Adam Levin's *Mount Chicago*
On Godspeed You Black Emperor's F# A# ∞

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  1. 1/i enjoy the ink and watercolour graphics and am glad to hear you enjoy making them

    2/i don't consider souping them up as "cheating" - on the contrary the souping up process is part of the art

    3/ wondered where the phrase "soup up" comes from - it has been plausibly asserted that it has to do with a means of improving the performance of race horses

    4/years ago spouse and self used to eat the mcdonald's "apple pies" - i thought they were quite tasty and it had crossed my mind that food science was being used to make them so - "soup them up" in other words - that was okay with me

    5/right now i have a lot of apple juice on hand as i had gotten it as part of the procedure prep for my recent colonoscopy and was wondering what to do with it inasmuch i don't really enjoy drinking it - but substituting it for the water in oatmeal preparation - throwing in some raisins and cinnamon - produces a delicious result - now that i've tried it i discover 1,400,000 google hits on "apple juice" "oatmeal" - add in "raisins" "cinnamon" and you whittle it down to 150,000

    6/and speaking of searching with google, a description of how someone looked for a relatively hard to find article is one of the subjects dealt with in

    10,000/thomas lux's poem about the people of the other village brought the following to mind

    The Avataṃsaka Sūtra, a large composite text, contains various passages discussing the practices and vows that bodhisattvas undertake. One example can be found in book 18 of the text, which contains the following ten vows:

    Enlightening beings have ten pure vows: (1) they vow to develop living beings to maturity, without wearying; (2) they vow to fully practice all virtues and purify all worlds; (3) they vow to serve the Enlightened, always engendering honor and respect; (4) they vow to keep and protect the true teaching, not begrudging their lives; (5) they vow to observe with wisdom and enter the lands of the Buddhas; (6) they vow to be of the same essence as all enlightening beings; (7) they vow to enter the door of realization of thusness and comprehend all things; (8) they vow that those who see them will develop faith and all be benefited; (9) they vow to stay in the world forever by spiritual power; (10) they vow to fulfill the practice of Universal Good, and master the knowledge of all particulars and all ways of liberation. These are the ten pure vows of enlightening beings.