Wednesday, September 21, 2022

O Height Dispersed and Head in Sometimes Joining These Sleeps


Yes, another new jeffhead. Some of you see this, some of you can't, I accidentally turned off https:// (which I was authorized to do in blogger) but can't turn it back on, I'm logged in but unauthorized (though I can post), there is no one on the planet who seems willing to help fix, blogger forums are dead, blogger help pages useless, google refuses to provide a human to help, more fart here

Will be fixed or not. I can see it via access from the dashboard so the poetry and music anthologies I build and keep are accessible to me, my first concern. I'm not going to start a new blog (though I may build a new private blog to back up the songs I play and poems I post here as safe house) nor do what I do here re: link/music/other poets' poems at pOj, that's not what pOj is for, found my collected Ceravolo last night looking for something else, woke up with Human Switchboard in my head


Joseph Ceravolo

O height dispersed and head
in sometimes joining
these sleeps. O primitive touch
between fingers and dawn
on the back

You are no more
simple than a cedar tree
whose children change
the interesting earth
and promise to shake her
before the wind blows
away from you
in the velocity of rest

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