Monday, September 19, 2022

Death Is Not Information

No idea. Stop loading correctly over weekend. Blogrolls fucked up, many lost their feed, click on link goes to code, not site. I can log in to account but when try to change something I told I am unauthorized, the https availability is switched off and I didn't do it and I can't turn it back on. I thought maybe something in the latest post fucked something up and deleted it which didn't work so those wasted hours making *that* post even more wasted than normal. Will engage with Beast later, that I'm not freaking out for a solution right this fucking minute a positive sign quitting a possibility, perhaps google reading my mind, offering to push me while I won't jump, meantime


W.S. Merwyn

Death is not information.
Stone that I am,
He came into my quiet
And I shall be still for him.

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  1. Many bloogspitdotcoms seem to be hanging up a bit lately. Ignore it, it'll go away.