Monday, October 17, 2022

I Am Writing This to Be as Wrong as Possible to You

Photos from Black Hills, Clarksburg, yesterday, the new Moco trails again

The GOP Chairwoman this morning tweeted:

We need leaders who will prioritize getting fentanyl out of our schools instead of forcing masks on our children

Hoping some cracker idiot takes the bait I replied:

My wife is an elementary school art teacher - she used up ALL HER NALOXONE supplies for the school year when her entire 2nd grade class ate fentanyl skittles last week! She just texted - 3rd grade class all currently in fentanyl paroxyms on the floor!

Feel almost as stupid for tweeting it as I would if I deleted the stupid kneejerk tweet

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Today's true monologue: Notice this dope, ME, on an Ann Carson binge, misspelled Ann when setting up the tag which I now can't edit but don't want to replace because of how many poems already attached to the misspelling, mulitple fine metaphors abound.


Ann Carson

You can write on a wall with a fish heart,
it's because of the phosphorous. They eat it.
There are shacks like that down along the
river. I am writing this to be as wrong as
possible to you. Replace the door when you
leave, it says. Now you tell me how wrong
that is, how long it glows. Tell me.


  1. You can write a new label with the name spelled right,
    apply to those with the name spelled wrong. They eat it.
    There are boxes to be checked down along the
    post list. I am writing this to be as wrong as
    possible to you. Replace the above instruction to begin with
    filtering by misspelled label, selecting 'manage' at upper right,
    **checking those boxes at upper left, adding and applying new label,
    beginning process again by selecting new label, and removing the old one.
    Now tell me how wrong that is. How big your ahhhrrrger grows. Tell me.

    **tedium of blahrrger discovered during process: you gotta check those boxes, then scroll down the page until every single of those appears, which takes longer than one might suspect, then scroll all the way back up and uncheck and recheck so that all those with the label get selected and not only those that were previously visible

    1. 1/this advice sounds like the voice of experience and has a lot of face validity - speaking of which, in the utopia song "shinola" it is said

      everyone's talking, but few of them know
      the rest are pretending - they put on a show
      and if there's a lesson, i guess this is it
      truth isn't easy - the easy part's shit

      the video of this passage has an interesting backstory

      2/the book i bought this week is The Search For Meaning and The Mystery of Consciousness: A Psychologist's Journey Through Gurdjieff and Jung by Stephen Aronson

      the blurb asserts

      This book examines the burning existential questions of meaning and the mystery of consciousness from a scientific and psychological perspective. It is authored by a seasoned psychotherapist, whose career was inspired both by the famed analyst C. G. Jung and the mystic G. I Gurdjieff. However it does not have the character of scientific discourse -- it is more a personal odyssey through the author's world, stretching back to his earliest years, spanning his professional career and dipping into the recent events of his life. It is peppered with compelling personal experiences, psychological insights and spiritual discoveries. It draws a map of the invisible reality that governs our lives, shapes our nature and perhaps determines our fate.The author does not regard Science and Spirituality as conflicting perspectives, but as complementary views of a common reality, each looking at different sides of the same equation. He has no doubt that the two can be reconciled by direct experience of a higher quality of awareness -- one which can look simultaneously towards the World without and the World within. In his words, "Moving in this direction can lead to an experience of oneself as part of the Universe, and the Universe as a reflection of oneself. When this happens, there may appear a profound sense of participation in the mystery of existence through a Consciousness that seeks to know Itself and Its purpose in existing."