Monday, October 3, 2022

The Way the World Is Not Astonished at You

Feels like a big war is coming
Your pain is a small price for out continued dominance
Accusation in a mirror/it's always projection
Precisely 201 individuals have an outsize say in the future of our energy system
World banks financially support Amazon deforestation
Impossible to read this without knowing a serious uptick in shitlord copaganda at Bezos Post imminentFRESH HELL
A history of British pomp versus British realities
My first presidential vote went to this guy, the best ex-president every, happy birthday
I have not willfully played Springsteen in decades s'not hate it's snore (though the obababuddy thing, vomit, another chance, fuck me)
The spectre of our digital future
The morning afterNature-rinsing
How we remember last weekend
4STORIESIn the mind of a whale
Avedon Carol's occasional links
Maggie's weeklyI like pizza but Italian restaurants not my thing but if they are and you're Moco and you like and/or remember Amalfi's you have end of October to go
{ feuilleton }'s weekly2022 October 1
And with "not-hot" we have reached the terminal....
To the Lowest Hell with America: on James Purdy
Vladimir Sorokin's *Their Four Hearts* made him physically ill!
The Delgados ride again
Forgive me, it's NPR, but good review of new Lambchop a bud sent
Lindsey Buckingham is 73 today


Bill Knott

The way the world is not
Astonished at you
It doesn't blink at leaf
When we step from the house
Leads me to think
That beauty is natural, unremarkable
And not to be spoken of
Except in the course of things
The course of singing and worksharing
The course of squeezes and neighbors
The course of you tying back your raving hair to go out
And the course of course of me
Astonished at you
The way the world is not

1 comment:

  1. 1/i liked the art work, especially the lower right of the graphic that looks like a hand with a thumb

    2/from your blogroll i just read and appreciated helen garner's document

    2.5/garner writes Springsteen is rowdily singing on the car radio: “Everybody’s got a hungry heart.” Yeah, they have; but I change stations. Ooh. Bob Dylan with Johnny Cash. How modest and melodious are their voices and simple acoustic guitars, after Springsteen’s hypermasculine bellowing.

    3/at the aldi's, where there is a sign saying face coverings are strongly encouraged, neither cashier had one on, but three of the dozen or so customers did

    3.1/missus charley was wearing her elastomeric mask when she got on the metro at shady grove this morning - at the office she will be switching to an n95