Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Learning Is the Same Color as Life

Title of below: Even if L and me never spend another penny again on anything and continue working and dumping money into our retirement accounts and into Social Security *all* of our money will be stolen (motherfucking Democrats) by 2030 if we aren't first destroyed by a derecho 500 miles long and twenty miles deep or vaporized in a nuclear exchange or simply murdered by a lone shooter with an AK-47 in a grocery store or gassed to death by Emperor Cracker. Also too, *Kenneling* a verb in your nearer-than-you-think future. *Kettling* too, should you bitch about it in the streets (see also 2022 October 5 for stanzas of seventeen syllables for sub-title of below)

The expected financial crisis is here
The inevitable financial crisis is here
Doctor Doom says the financial crisis is here
Shitlords and their Doomsday bunkers
Our shitlords are monstrous sociopaths
US war crimes against its closest allies
Shitlords don't want you to know about The Great War of Africa
Today in rhetorical questions: How is it possible that the Republican Party has made itself more malicious, conspiratorial, gun-crazy, and cultish, and yet still manages to run neck-and-neck with the Democratic Party?
Which means this turd would will a Cat 5 hurricane on Manhattan if he could
Fired for calling an apartheid state an apartheid state
When there IS a cop who's not a bastard the bastard cops beat him to death
Barnesville just celebrated 275th bday
David Baker interview: I vouch for Whale Fall
Maine and Michigan and soon Maryland!
No new The Knife but new Fever Ray!
Another early Carson poem in case she wins the Nobel tomorrow, jinxed


Anne Carson

Soon I hope to live in a totally rubber house.
Think how quickly I will be able to get from
room to room! One good bounce and you're 
there. I have a friend whose hands were
melted off by a firebomb during the war.
Now, once again, he will learn to pass the 
bread at the dinner table. Learning is life. I
hope to invite him over this evening in fact.
Learning is the same color as life. He says
things like that.


  1. I was going to describe what would occur if / when The City, my City where I live, gets its Full Fathom Five in a global thermonuclear exchange; vaporization wouldn't really happen. But it has been suggested that I Not Slurry, Bees Happy, so I won't describe it. Meanwhile.

  2. 1/with regard to u.s. crimes against closest allies, i had an email exchange with a 60ish person who has worked in the dc area most of their adult life

    i sent from Newsweek:
    Video of President Joe Biden saying that he would "end" the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has resurfaced after Nord Stream 1 and 2 were damaged in what's been described as an act of sabotage. Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested on Monday that Biden could be responsible for the damage to the Russian-owned pipelines, neither of which were operational when they experienced major leaks into the Baltic Sea.

    my correspondent replied: Without evidence linking Biden to the act (other than some comments he made) I find it hard to make him or the US government responsible. But I could be wrong of course.

    my own view is that the force [of the beltway brainwash] is strong in this one

    2/if the impending financial crisis cuts demand for cars this may reduce the above-MSRP surcharges my preferred new car of the imagined future is currently able to demand - we'll know more later

    Speaking to reporters on February 7, Biden said: "If Russia invades, that means tanks or troops crossing the border of Ukraine again, there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it," the president said. A journalist asked Biden how he could do that since Germany was in control of the project, the president replied: "I promise you: We will be able to do it."

    Several Twitter users shared an ABC News video of Biden from February 7, 2022, discussing Nord Stream 2 and appeared to link his previous remarks with damage to the pipelines.

    1. 1/paragraph order and italicization is garbled above - sorry - last two paragraphs should have been italicized and following the currently italicized text - then my correspondent's reply - then my opinion about the my correspondent's "beltway brainwash" - then my attempt to find a silver lining to the impending financial crisis

      2/recently i encountered george harrison's recording of "it don't come easy"