Sunday, November 20, 2022

I Do Not Labor Except to Season My Domain

Slowest week of Blegsylvanian year started early this year. Mastodon sucks. Twitter won't die - or will and be resurrected - and will be despicably if correctly cracker-enabling, see you there. Strange feeling, this shot of precarity, albeit about a sillyass shitlord social media app, go without, I bitch that others should not have to go without but I'm not supposed to go without. Peter Gabriel song gag. I still have food, it's only flock, tribe, I obsess. Rituals. Gags. Spontineity, something Mastodon don't. Watching the contacting, flocking, tribing ladder matches, as it happens, everyone reestablishing their relationships with each other, dominant or submissive, kind or unkind, just in delayed time, wheezing servers. The small twitter gang of kind folk I hang with took years to build, I am telling you three times, I don't want to lose it, I don't want to need to rebuild it, it can't be rebuilt. Slowest week of the year in Blegsylvania, why don't I post more Olive photos like this one from two nights ago?

Building a tribe: Ozzy and Marley from next door right and Sophie and Ajax from two doors down right have adopted us, our neighbors complain their cats like us more than them, I've advised them to buy better catfood, rub their cats' paws and ears, and for fuck's sake talk to them in Cat or fake it
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Reading DeLillo's *The Names* in the new gorgeous Library of America collection of his 1980 novels (*White Noise* and *Libra* the second and third) I'm reminded what keeps me from loving DeLillo's fiction, as much as I admire it's breadth and depth: nobody talks like a human talks and everyone talks the same way. Fosse or Cartarescu next?
Avedon Carol's occasional links
Maggie's weekly{ feuilleton }'s weekly
Blogger is going through an old back-up blog I used to test things for shitty blog, sending me emails that it's placing Sensitive Material Warnings on certain posts, the last dated 4/30/12, the fuck, laugh, I do like the name Bray
Mastodon sucks, but
Richard Dawson's *Ruby Cord* dropped Friday!


Calvin Bedient


Who does me this I whistle off
brazen as the green of the Palestinian flag

Strange wishful little books clot my fur
I do not labor except to season my domain

Through seven holes all things twitter
I reject the disjecta of allegory

A sluttery roller skate grips my shoe


Is there enough chaos in you to make a world?

The feather on the egg is the horse under the bed

The New England winter is still raw and long

The summer is intense and abandoned


  1. Cartarescu. Nobody talks in there. You'll be relieved.

  2. 1/that's a good looking cat photo

    2/musk has justified his reinstating trump on twitter as a response to a poll - 'vox populi, vox dei'

    but the phrase appears in a larger context in a letter from Alcuin to Charlemagne in 798 AD

    The full quotation from Alcuin reads:

    Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit.

    And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.

    the quote is from our friends at wikipedia

    2.5/twitter has been an important source of news and views for me and so i hope it keeps operating -although i have also set up a mastodon account as an alternative in case it crashes - as seems probable - but one never knows when something surprising might happen

    2.6/like everything else the mastodonosphere will no doubt continue to change over time so any disappointment one has with it might diminish as a)it gets different or b)one adjusts one's expectations of it --- as one could ask, "compared to what?"

    3/spouse and self watched the world cup opening ceremonies - pretty good, a bit surprising in places

    4/once again i am reminded of

    Happy Thought
    Robert Louis Stevenson

    The world is so full of a number of things
    I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings./b>

  3. Good gag. Here's a Gabriel gag for the linked Ian Welsh:
    My adverbly suffix prevents people from calling me Dave. It's rare someone's cheeky or thoughtless enough to drop two syllables.

  4. Hey Jeff, JR here from the Dietle's porch what got burnt up. I'm really sad we aren't having conversations on the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization, because we should. Now, am I talking the movies or reality? I wish I knew! But: love you and miss you! We are well and aging as best we can. Hope y'all are too. Peace and chickum grease! JR

    1. Beloved! You know, D's reopened after the fire, haven't been in, Martin tells me (I still play disc golf with Dr Z!) that bands most nights so cover charges every night and no conversations possible like the ones we used to have. Miss them much! Say hi to H for me! Love much

  5. DeLillo didn't really become DeLillo until the Libra- MAO ll-Underworld miracle. Cosmopolis was the glitchy goodbye (from the Spirit which had seized Don and then gently returned him to his previous ability) just as White Noise was a glitchy introduction to that magnificent spate. Everything before White Noise was Pynchonoid throat-clearing (IMO, it goes without saying). CTRL + F "The super comes gimping toward him. Before he takes five steps along the street" in a digital version of Underworld, or go to page 349 ("Manx Martin 2") in the old hardbound version, or wherever in this new edition, for a crispy, witty dialogue fest of inspiring nuance and empathy. A joy, I tell you! Laugh---SA

    1. Am enjoying, reminded why I'd get the new one the first day I could, and hope to read in order through Underworld again - in order but not in a row, laugh. I remember why I loved them except for....

    2. The one I STILL can't machete-hack my way through is Ratner's Star! I think DeLillo learned quite a lot by the end of that birthing pang